How To Create a Business Presence on Google+

By on July 13, 2011

Google+ is gaining ground, with reports claiming that it’s already the fastest growing network in the social media space – with close to ten million users Download The Nuts. Of course, creating a business presence on the new social network would be a lot easier, if it wasn’t still in the beta phase. It officially launches on September 1st of this year Download the subtitles for Beauty and the Beast.

Reports are pouring in that Google+ is better than Facebook, and even trumps the business network site LinkedIn 순정만화. Creating a solid business presence on this site has many instant benefits – as everything is connected to Google, and its dominant search engine power on the internet 토비의 스프링. It could turn out to be the quickest way to secure niche-related keywords in your field.

Getting In Now, With Your Google Plus Page

The business pages haven’t been launched yet, but you can still get in early and start creating a presence for your business on the platform, with a profile page 올리디버거. Simply fill in the details (much like your Facebook profile) and begin to use the various new functions that Google+ has to offer. As we mentioned earlier, this platform could be highly valuable for generating traffic to your business website cruel angel Teze.

All you have to do is begin a little cross promotion on your profile. This means adding all of your different networks to your Google+ profile, and promoting them to gain quality inbound links to your other sites Download megavideo. Be careful to write keyword rich descriptions where you can about your business – in the employment section, about, and in the various chat areas, where you can introduce yourself as a business owner caption for The Showshank Escape.

Once Google+ launches their business profiles, you can focus on building that page. Much like Facebook, you really will want a business profile on this platform 영화 키친. It will make all the difference when you start promoting and marketing your company there.

Promotions Begins With Sharing

Google+ makes sharing content easy, which is great news for business that have comprehensive social media and content marketing strategies already in place Download swords and magic. Use Circles, Huddle, Hangouts – all the new functions – to share your articles, blog posts, images, videos, podcasts and slideshows. You might even make some great connections with other business owners in your niche.

The world of online marketing is changing once again, and as business owners, we all need to be aware that Google+ could be a mighty force in our internet marketing campaigns in 2012. As always with new social sites, you’ll want to get on this platform early. It will help you build your community faster, and you’ll be able to start earning from Google+ sooner.

The Google+ Revolution

Initial expert reports are in, and the world seems to be embracing Google+, despite Google’s long line of dismal failures. Our advice, is to integrate it into your social marketing plan now. Facebook and Twitter will go on – we don’t believe for one minute that Google+ will destroy them, but this doesn’t mean Google+ won’t become an independent social power in its own right.

Have you tried Google+ yet? If so, what do you think? Is it a site you’d return to as often as Facebook? Leave your comment for us!

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