How To Create Winning Content in No Time

By on February 8, 2012

If you find yourself short on time, you’re not alone! Creating content for your content network can be challenging at the best of times, but when you don’t have any time to do it in, that’s when panic sets in 뉴 슈퍼마리오 브라더스 다운로드. You don’t want to let your readers down! Today we’re going to tell you how to create awesome content in no time at all.

The Epic Planning Day

Time management begins with planning 멜론 2019년 7월 3주차 top100 다운로드. You can’t expect to have hours every day to pour over one blog post – you have a business to run. A lot of wasted energy and stress can be eliminated with a solid ‘planning’ day Download the loader. Any good content marketer will tell you, an entire months worth of great content begins with a great plan.

Schedule 1 day at the beginning of every month to work out your monthly content schedule Download Pokemon Omega Ruby. You’ll want to target 3 variables to ensure maximum content diversity. They are: news, tutorials and opinion posts. These can be applied to any content, blogs, Facebook updates, even LinkedIn group posts Download youtube private videos.

Assuming you publish content during a business week, you need 20 days worth of planning. Spread these ‘concept’ titles out on a monthly schedule Download Stickman Warrior. Make sure that you have title topics for 70% of your month’s content. The other 30% will be ‘real-time’ content, latest news or hot topics around your niche Download kakaotalk sound effects.

These titles should be set around a common theme. Set up your feeds to pull in content from around the internet based on these themes. If you have time, write several or all of these posts now 던전키퍼2. Then you only have to post them on your chosen days. It frees up your schedule to post dynamic, link-bait content during the month.

Use The Quick-Post Trick

If you’re short on content – there are several options at your disposal vp n free. Target authorities and create interview questions to mail to them. Ask for guest posts, or create posts around someone else’s hot topic. These are the easiest ways to get your hands on quality, interesting content very quickly Remote file.

Your 30% Structure Plan

If you create fresh content daily, it helps to know where you’re heading. Create a ‘theme’ template for your post. If your goal is to create 10 articles on weddings for example – spend a few minutes planning the structure. Introduction, quotes, body, images, image commentary, infographic, video, video commentary and keyword placement can all be sorted out before a word is written.

The key to good content is to plan ahead. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by content, and spend hours working on 1 individual article. Set a certain amount of time for each post and stick to it. Remember that most posts should only contain a few great ideas. Any more, and you’ll exceed the word count. It’s better to simply break these posts down into a series, if you want to be more detailed.

Keep these basic principles in mind, and you’ll have enough time to write excellent content all month.

How do you feed your content network? Share your tips with the SMM community here!

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