How To Create Your First Webinar

By on January 11, 2019

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Webinars, also known as web conferencing, allow real-time video conferencing events to occur when participants come from different locations across the world. Webinar software also has tools like screen sharing, chat, and surveys that make the entire webinar more engaging.

Webinars work on technologies like TCP/IP. Today, there are tools designed specifically to host webinars like GotoWebinar and Clickmeeting gta5 작업을 다운로드. However, traditional video conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Hangouts can also be used to host effective webinars. But don’t be fooled, making a podcast is no walk in the park, as noted in this article by

“It’s easy to assume that podcasts are easy to produce because they’re audio only, but don’t be fooled. They can take up a lot of time to put together, especially at first.” … 
“All in all, podcasting can be fun work, but it’s still work and should be treated as such.”

Webinars really exploded as an effective marketing tool by 2014 Download HeroMoonw. Although the way customers consume content has changed a lot since then, webinars continue to be a go-to lead generation strategy for many marketers. In fact, according to, 73% of marketing and sales leaders believe webinars are one of the best ways to generate leads.

Why do marketers believe webinars are an effective marketing tool?

Here are some of the most important reasons why marketers believe that webinars continue to be a great marketing tool in 2018.

Works on all parts of the sales funnel

Webinars work on all parts of the sales funnel depending on how they are designed 2019 엑셀 가계부 다운로드. From thought leadership panels that build brand awareness to product demos and videos that are designed to convert prospects, webinars can work across the funnel. Very few other marketing tools are as versatile.


Webinars are deemed to be one of the best tools to build credibility of brands, especially if it’s a personal brand. The wealth of information in a well designed webinar helps establish the reputation of the brand and results in long-term goodwill. This is especially important for businesses like coaching/consultancy businesses as their success depends on the expertise of the coach, and webinars can help build their reputation as an expert 오토캐드 학생용 무료.

Education and training

Webinars are also a great tool for indirect marketing when the product is one that requires customer education and awareness. Webinars are a great way to impart training with real-time customer feedback. Such training webinars can be a great way to educate potential customers about your product.


Webinars have a level of personalization that is almost impossible to achieve with any other marketing tool Download the Japanese keyboard. Long videos along with two-way interaction allows for a very high degree of personalization that helps convert prospects. This kind of personalization is possible because the technology makes it convenient for people all over the world to attend the webinar.


According to GoToWebinar, the average webinar participant views a webinar for 61 minutes. In today’s age of narrowing attention spans and constant browsing, this kind of engagement is phenomenal. A webinar is a great way to market to a captive and targeted audience Download Mount & Blade.

Qualified leads for sales teams

Since webinars have a high level of engagement and commitment from the participants, they can help you gather a wealth of information about the attendees. This provides valuable information for the sales team who can then do a personalized outreach based on this information and close sales. 

Webinars are monetizable

Although webinars are usually free, some companies also charge a fee for attendance. This has dual benefits: it can be an additional revenue stream (or at least defray the costs of marketing the webinar) and also help to filter the audience by gauging their level of interest icuuc57 dll.

6 steps to creating a great webinar

Step 1: Define your webinar goal

As discussed, webinars are very versatile and can be used effectively across all parts of the sales funnel. This is why it becomes very important to define your webinar goal. A brand awareness webinar will be very different from a training webinar which in turn will differ from a product demo webinar. The content and marketing of the webinar will depend completely on the goal of the webinar.

Step 2: Choose the right content

Depending on your goal, invest enough time to make sure that you create content that is valuable to your attendees axios 다운로드. If your webinar is focused on sales conversions, make sure you consult the sales team before finalizing the content; this will help ensure their buy-in and should lead to better post webinar follow-ups. You need to make sure that content is crafted carefully and includes valuable materials so that your customers get value for the time they invest.

Step 3: Create a page where people can sign up for the webinar

A good landing page where people will sign up for your webinar is essential. The landing page must have a simple opt-in form which is comprehensive yet brief. You should have a concise and succinct summary about the content of your webinar on the landing page 퀸 보헤미안 랩소디. Of course, make sure you add links to detailed content and videos about the webinar. Finally, a webinar landing page should have a good headline that compels people to sign up.

Step 4: Choose an appropriate analytics tool

There are certain key metrics that will help you measure the efficacy of your webinar. This includes the click through rate, attendee ratio, audience retention, on-demand viewing, online polls, and exit surveys. To make sure you effectively capture this data, use an appropriate tool 이노래. Most webinar softwares have in-built analytics.

Step 5: Create your presentation

You can always choose to create a conventional presentation with slides and a person speaking. However, discussion style webinars without slides work really well too. Another good approach is to ask your attendees questions beforehand and create your webinar based on these. Whichever approach you go with, its important to set aside rehearsal time to avoid last minute technical glitches.

Step 6: Promote your webinar

Even the best webinars will not be effective without good participation. Make sure you promote the webinar effectively. You should integrate your webinar promotion with your social media strategy, conduct an effective email outreach campaign, and supplement it with some PPC advertising. Other webinar promotion strategies include appearing on vlogs and podcasts, and partnering with a company which has the same target audience to do your webinar. The latter will ensure you get additional expertise, as well as access to the partner company’s audience.

It might not be enough anymore to just conduct a webinar in many cases, since users today are inundated with free webinars. To create a webinar that can create a long-term marketing impact, it can help to push the boundaries of professionalism when it comes to webinar content and promotion. It also REALLY helps to be in a truly niche field, as stated in this article from

“Just like with blogging, you need to find a niche for your podcast to fill.
Something people desire to learn about that doesn’t exist.”

So now that you’re all set, go and start prepping for your first podcast! 


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