How to Generate More Leads Using Social Listening on Twitter

By on December 27, 2018

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Succeeding on Twitter is something that every business wants to achieve. By succeeding, I’m not only talking about growing a successful fan base and increasing website traffic, but about converting your Twitter followers into customers 천외마경 진전.

Now that can be tough for those who do not have a large presence or struggle to find their customers on the platform. Don’t worry. It’s possible and fairly simple to do, providing you have the right strategies and tools in place.

One of my favorite quotes is “The only place SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary.” – Mary Smith 로그인 없이 jdk 다운로드. This particular quote rings true when talking about generating leads on Twitter.

You may think people only go on Twitter to connect with their friends and follow their favorite brands, however, people also use the platform to search for help or particular services.

This is where YOU can come into play.

Social listening is a fantastic way to keep track of conversations happening on the platform Download Label View 8.0. According to Creation Agency, “Social listening looks beyond the numbers into the general feeling and mood of a market or sector as a whole. It can capture recurring issues and trends that may not be directly related to your sales or your messaging, but that can give you a better picture of customer sentiment overall.”

There are various social listening tools and methods you can utilize to successfully social listen on Twitter and other networks, however, not everyone has a budget for those tools Download mango plate.

Therefore, here’s a handy way to generate more leads on Twitter by utilizing Twitter’s own platform. The secret to lead generation directly on Twitter begins with using the Advanced search.

Head on over to Twitter’s Advanced search, then type in the “This exact phrase” field the keyword phrase that your customers are likely to search for your products or services 인터넷 익스플로러.

Once you have entered the search term, Twitter will return with tweets consisting of that exact phrase. This is where you then analyse their profile and tweet, and see if it’s an opportunity you can jump onto before anyone else does.

This also works based on targeting locations too. Although, be warned, you may not come across as many tweets. To find potential leads via location searching, scroll down to the “Places” section and enter their the city or particular location 웹 음악.

For example, let’s say we’re searching for people who are looking to move out and buy a house in or around Manchester. The first thing to do would be to enter a search term that people are likely to use. For this example we’ll use “house hunting” then in the “Places” section, let’s enter Manchester 장미의 이름.

This has returns various tweets, one of them being a couple who has just been accepted for a mortgage and are looking to move out and view houses, even though they’ve never done it before – so this would potentially be a good lead.

However, don’t just go and jump on that lead with a sales pitch. That won’t get you a response – you’ll more likely end up being ignored and possibly muted by the user, especially if your Twitter account isn’t visually appealing

Instead, what you should do is provide them value and build a connection which will eventually get them interested in your product or service Cosmos. From our experiment, this particular method works best from a user’s account, rather than a brand on Twitter.

For a better chance of generating more leads from Twitter, it’s a good idea to come up with plenty of phrases. Around 5 to 10 different phrases would be ideal, if possible. Every morning or throughout the day at various times, you should run these searches.

You might even decide to set-up Tweetdeck and enter the phrases in it to monitor new tweets coming in 길건너 친구들 무료 다운로드. There’s plenty of different things you can do, both free and paid.

If you do have a budget for tools, then it’s worth considering as the majority of these will automate that process for you and alert you when there’s a new mention on Twitter and other social networks with that phrase.

They are also very handy to keep track of what people are saying about your business on social, allowing you to react quickly whether it’s positive or negative comments 악동뮤지션 생방송.

Some of the best tools on the market include Brand24, Brandwatch, Mention, Buffer Reply and many more.

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