How To Leverage Advertising on Facebook

By on February 10, 2012

A very large percentage of Facebook’s income comes from advertising. It’s no secret that their targeted ad network is becoming more efficient and desirable every day 무료 자바. But is paid advertising the way to go? Or are there others ways to leverage advertising on Facebook? Today we’re going to tell you how you can get more exposure without directly paying for a Facebook ad 카스툴.

What Advertising Really Means

You don’t have to join an ad network to understand how advertising works. Any promotion that gives your business exposure on or offline, and attracts new people to your Facebook page – can be regarded as Facebook advertising pdo 다운로드. Many of these processes are actually more effective than sponsored ads!

You can drive traffic to your Facebook page, to get those likes from many other sources gta iv 다운로드. You can also use these techniques to supplement a running sponsored ad campaign. Here’s how to leverage Facebook advertising:

• Include it in your company culture 석별의 정. Get your employees to interact there, and share the page with their own private networks.

• Include your page address on catalogues, menus, pamphlets and on sample products to drive traffic there Enter the Void.

• Place your Facebook address at the end of your email signature.

• If you frequent tradeshows or conferences display your address clearly on something visible, or on your business card 서약서.

• Get your customers to like your Facebook page online and to share it with other people.

• Share your page address with other Facebook pages, to attract interest 키테레츠 대백과. Just make sure you ask the page owner first, or they’ll mark you as spam.

• Include a section in your company newsletter on what has been happening on your Facebook page 각진제목체 다운로드.

• Give people a reason to want to like your page. Add special features, tabs, videos, media and free downloads.

• Make sure that all of your websites contain a Facebook widget, which will lead people to your page acrobat pro dc 다운로드.

• Create an email marketing campaign to drive traffic to Facebook, offer something free in the email to get more clicks.

• Place a Facebook app or two on your page to attract people there, and to keep them coming back for more.

• Ensure that all of your blog sites or ecommerce sites have the Facebook comment feature.

• Run lots of fun contests to entice new people to your page.

• Inform your other social communities of your Facebook community, and try to get them there (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Flickr).

• Get creative and use print media to guide people to your Facebook page, using QR code technology in newspapers and magazines.

Any one of these advertising techniques will help you get more Facebook fans, which will increase the overall interaction you receive on your wall. These additional techniques will help you build a powerful Facebook presence! As a Facebook marketer you should always be testing out new things. You’ll be surprised what works.

What other ways can you advertise your Facebook page? Have we missed one? Please leave your fresh idea below!

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