How to Make the Most of Your Brand’s Google+ Account

By on September 22, 2014

As far as social media platforms go, Google+ is still the most neglected of the big hitters, but why? A study from last year showed that, in monetary terms, a referral on Google+ was worth almost 5 times as much as a share on Facebook ($10.78, compared to a Facebook referral at $2.35).

American companies seem to have cottoned on to its importance but British brands do seem to be lagging behind. However, there are some British brands that fly the flag and play Google+ to its strengths Download Footfoot Zoo.

We’ve looked at those with the best engagement on the platform and outlined what they’re doing right. Here are five brands that are maximizing the potential of Google+, as well as the strategies they are employing to ensure optimal results.

Give Your Followers What They Want 

Google Plus Burberry

Google+ Account: Burberry

The fashion industry is perfectly suited to the Google+ platform and Burberry’s status as an industry innovator is backed up by the brand’s following 페이스 북 동영상. Its page is colourful and engaging; a quick glance alerts you to the fact that the brand is constantly offering its followers exclusive content and previews of new products or events. Burberry isn’t pushing products but instead focus on building the idea of Burberry as a brand. The feed is littered with hand drawn collection designs and behind-the-scenes photos that are more akin to a scrapbook than a marketing strategy 우리말 더빙. In such a creative industry, consumers want to know exactly how imaginative and original your brand is, and Google+ allows you to showcase this in a modern and vibrant fashion.

Be an Industry Spokesperson

British Airways

Google Plus British Airways

Google+ Account: British Airways

Being an industry spokesperson is simple, when you’re British Airways Download excavator simulator. However, it would have been easy for the company to become stale and only promote content from its own site. Instead, the team behind their Google+ account have tried a different approach. They have no qualms with posting content on their feed from external sources, as long as it’s relevant. Through this, they have become a wider source of information for users that are interested in the travel industry as a whole, rather than just a promotional tool Download the Facebook video. This approach probably explains the 2.5 million followers they currently have. Google+ offers the chance to establish a personality for your brand and display yourself as an authority in your industry. Don’t be afraid to use it to share other interesting content.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Imagery


Google Plus Destinology

Google+ Account: Destinology

Destinology has managed to amass an impressive 1.2 million followers on Google+ AirComics. Although they certainly are not a small brand, their numbers are much higher than most of their competitors. Their main focus is on extremely high quality photos of the many exotic destinations they offer holidays to. From photos of the extravagant architecture of Dubai to the white sand beaches of the Maldives, their images garner hundreds of shares. The success of relevant and quality imagery cannot be underestimated 티스토리 동영상. In an industry as visual as travel there are fantastic opportunities to take advantage of image-friendly platforms like Google+ to engage your followers.

Make People Smile


Google Plus Cadbury

Google+ Account: Cadbury

Cadbury’s advertising campaigns have been talked about for years and their status as the funsters of the chocolate making world is firmly established Oracle 10g linux. This brand tone works and that’s why they’ve transferred it to their social media accounts, particularly Google+. They receive great engagement with their Friday afternoon posts tagged #freethejoy, which sums up the whole idea behind their strategy. Google+ also allows users to upload GIFs, where other platforms don’t, so you can upload dancing dogs to your heart’s content.


Penguin Books

Google Plus Penguin Books

Google+ account: Penguin Books

Probably the most innovative use of the platform has to go to Penguin Books, who has used the Google+ Hangout feature in a really engaging way 버스게임 다운로드. The company created an interactive storytelling tool in which children and their parents can ‘hangout’ and take part in the story no matter where they are. It’s story time for the modern generation. Penguin’s follower count is modest compared to the previous brands but numbers aren’t everything Download Little Forest. Penguin has used Hangouts in a really creative way and should encourage other businesses to do the same. Whether it’s Google+ or another platform, make the most of all the tools you have available!

Google + has consistently shown that, along with Youtube, it is one of the most engaging social media platforms. On average, users are more likely to click through on posts and spend longer investigating posts by those in their circles. If like the businesses above you choose to embrace Google+ and make the most of it as a medium you can reap the dividends from a switched-on audience that is ready for relevant and interesting content.

What other brands do you think are making a strong impact with Google+? Share them in the comments section! 

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