How to Make Your Twitter More Visually Appealing

By on March 11, 2016

Think about your Twitter profile from an aesthetics point of view. When someone first looks at it, whether they are doing it consciously or not, they will make a visual judgement of some type before they even start reading through your content Download the Harry Potter audiobook. Because of this, the visual aesthetics of your business’ Twitter is something you need to actively think about, and take steps toward improving in order to take advantage of the power of social media to expand businesses Mark apk.

First Impressions

In the business world, the value of a good first impression is such a known idea that it is almost cliché alo 다운로드. However, an often-overlooked first impression that businesses make frequently is through the appearance of their social media. Just like dressing appropriately for a job interview in order to show that you would fit in at the workplace, your business’ Twitter account needs to dress the part through its appearance Battle of Bong Odong. This comes down to a few key elements, all of which are found at the top of your account, and are the first things people see when looking at your Twitter page 도깨비 1회.

#1: Make sure your header and profile pictures are appropriate for your business. They should also look high quality, and not badly resized, cropped, or distorted (on both mobile and computer browsers) 콜 오브 듀티 블랙 옵스 4.

#2: Pick a theme color that is cohesive with your images, and any theme colors your business has in logos and other design.

#3: Your bio should be concise and avoid overly technical language or jargon while still saying exactly what your business is Free download of the iPhone paid app.

#4: Keep your actual Twitter handle as simple and close to your business’ name as possible. You want it to be easy to remember.

Balance Links and Actual Tweets

It makes sense that you want to get your content viewed by as many people as possible, and linking to your content in a tweet can be a great way to widen your reach to as many people as possible 삼국지 4. However, there needs to be balance with this. Even if your company is a factory of fantastic and engaging content, you aren’t going to entice people to follow your link from Twitter and check it out if all they see when they look at your Twitter are tweets linking to other content. If you tweet a link to external content, follow it up with other tweets that illustrate points from that content 신사조 영웅전. Tweeting a photo that interestingly displays a quote or statistic from the content is an especially effective way to find this balance. Not only are images much more visually interesting, but they will make people interested in seeing the rest of your content, and are also one of the best ways to improve your Twitter following Lifeline apk.

Mix up the types of tweets you’re sending.

Not only should you make sure to balance your tweets with external links with those that do not, you should find a good mix within your tweets of different types of tweets. Think about your Twitter like you would a piece of content. Even though tweets themselves are short (unless Twitter decides to increase the character limit), if all of your tweets are just 140 characters of text, then your Twitter page starts to become a very large wall of text. Just like you would with a piece of content, find ways to break your words up some. You can do this by tweeting images or videos that illustrate your point, or asking your followers to answer a poll. Even retweeting another authority in your business’ niche breaks up your feed aesthetically by having another profile picture. At the very least, switch up the length of your tweets when possible to make things appear less uniform.

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