How To Manage a Successful Multi-Brand Social Strategy

By on April 2, 2012

Managing multiple brands across all of your social media networks is no small task. It’s extremely complicated, and can lead to a lot of problems if you do it internally queen mp3 다운로드. Today I’m going to talk about managing a multi-brand social media strategy, and doing it right!

Creating Clear Objectives For Each Strategy

Each brand should have its own unique social strategy 폼페이 최후의 날. That means you can’t use template strategies across your brand profiles. Each brand should have its own set of clear social objectives, according to what would enhance your profile content 넷마블 모두의쿠키 다운로드. It can be tempting to use each brand to promote the other – don’t do that!

Unless the brands are related, do not fill your profiles with random unrelated content from your other brand profiles ppt free. This is the fastest way to scare away valuable fans and potential customers. Focus on details, and customize each brand’s social presence.

Use Professional Managers or Writers

Professional social media managers or writers understand brand differences, and will play to each brand’s inherent content strength quicktime. But if you give say, 3 brands, to an internal junior at your company, they’ll quickly cause a world of trouble. Suddenly, you’ll get duplicate content, duplicate tactics and unfocused marketing strategies that intermingle with each other Download New People.

When you use an untrained staff member – one brand is more than enough for them to handle. Either assign each brand to other individuals, or hire a professional company that knows how to keep your brand message and presence intact 탐정학원q.

Use Social Media Management Platforms

Social media management tools like Argyle Social, always come in handy for multi-brand projects 삼국지11. On platforms like these, you’ll be able to publish directly to your various social media sites from inside your management tool. You can segment each project and assign duties and project goals Apple support.

Best of all – you’ll have all of your analytics in one place. You can switch between brand social strategies with ease, and still keep track of your split testing, monitoring and adjustment procedures Autocad 2013 Korean Edition. This as you know, is incredibly important to social media success.

Prioritize and Assign a Hierarchy

If you are going to handle this on your own, or internally, then design and prioritize your strategies. In other words find out which brand needs more attention, and put them on the top of your strategy list. The larger brands will be fine with some basic social media work. Also take product launches and events into account.

If one of your brands is launching a new product, then you’ll have to focus on that social media strategy, more than the others. Unless you have a team of people working on each brand, don’t try and divide your time equally among your social strategies.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to manage multiple brand social media strategies more efficiently. Check your analytics often, and see which strategy needs an additional boost at the beginning of each month!

Do you think one person could manage a multi-brand social strategy? Tell me about your experiences with social media and your brands!

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