How to Protect Your Video Content with a Secure Streaming Solution

By on November 22, 2019

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Demand for high-quality video content is growing and more people are turning to video streaming services. However, with the rising demand for online videos, digital attacks are increasing as well. When content security can make or break a business, using private and secure video hosting is not optional, it’s a necessity.

In this thriving environment, a secure online video streaming platform is essential to reap the benefits of the technology safely callboy korean subtitle. In the USA, film piracy alone costs the economy $20.5 billion every year.

Key features to look for in a secure streaming solution

A secure video streaming solution must have some essential features to be an ideal fit for businesses. Let’s have a look at some of the key features. Your security plan must include a right blend of these security features. Simply put, these features work the best in conjunct than separately Schoolmaster 2015. Professional live streaming software comes with all of these security features with all price plans.

Password protection

If you are looking for different ways on how to create a live streaming website, this is one of the most basic and essential security features you have to implement- Password protection. Password protection enables setting a password to your video content before anyone can view it. This is a good way to launch protected and private videos and share them with a selected user group 총소리 효과음. This is a great way to share your video content with a small user group, stream restricted content to collaborate, and it works well with individual customers.

Domain and geographic restrictions

Generally, there are two types of restrictions you can implement to protect your video content when you build a live video streaming website. The first one is domain restriction that limits the domains on which your stream is playable by adding the websites you want to allow to play your videos Download Show Me the Money777 10 episodes. Once the playback is running, embedding your video content on any website will fail. Anyone who attempts to steal your embedded code will be hindered from doing so, offering an additional layer of protection to your content.

The second is geographic restriction that uses IP addresses to whitelist some countries. Users located outside of these countries won’t be able to watch your content. This method is highly precise and offers an additional layer of protection to your online videos.

Paywall payment security

If you are planning to generate revenue with your online videos, implementing payment security is crucial 예고 범. A secure video streaming solution must have a paywall to accept payments. This security setup must include SSL encryption, which is a standard protection for online transactions. Without strong payment security features, you will fail to protect customer information and eventually lose customers.

Dynamic token security system

Another advanced security method to use is tokenized video delivery when you embed your video on a website or share it in any location. The dynamic token security system ensures that geographic and domain restrictions and other security measures are constantly checked. This process is completely transparent to users and if wrong tokens are present or no tokens are there, the video playback will fail Download it's art.

HTTPS video delivery

HTTPS is a common encrypted web communication standard used by websites to keep the data private. HTTPS offers security by preventing tampering in transit along with providing authentication. Encrypted data cannot be modified while moving through the web without destroying it.

Secure CDN

CDN services are made up of a network of servers distributed across the globe Download Head Soccer's latest bug edition. As these services leverage complex load balancing software to distribute multimedia content to users globally, it is important to choose a secure CDN solution. Many CDNs offer protection from DDOS attacks and offer a system of backup which ensures that the content won’t go offline due to any type of issues. Hence, it is important to integrate a CDN if you are looking for ways on how to start a live streaming website with all security features Download The Hot Man.

Referrer restrictions

Referrer restrictions are similar to geographic restrictions; the only exception is that it doesn’t work on the basis of IP address. Instead, they function based on the referrer. The HTTP referrer is a piece of metadata with a site request which recognizes the webpage that links to the video that was requested.

Leveraging this feature, you can build whitelists and blacklists. Websites that are allowed to share your content will be in the whitelist and other pirated and malicious websites can be blacklisted Download the Kospi Index. This is another important security layer in a secure video streaming solution.

Copyright control

Another significant element of security is copyright control. When you share your live streams and videos on any platform like YouTube and Facebook, these companies gain rights to your videos.

Video download tools and file-sharing websites target these social media platforms. This makes it easy for people to copy and reproduce your content illegally. Hence, it is important to use a secure video streaming solution that secures your video with copyright and makes it harder for pirates to copy your material 기어s2 3g 유심 다운로드.


Today, more and more brands are using video streaming solutions to host and share videos. Both video-on-demand and live streaming is an incredibly powerful business tool. Enterprises of all types use video streaming solutions to communicate, build and grow audience, and boost revenue. When businesses utilize a variety of these security features together, it offers incredible strong protection around your online video content.

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