How To Treat Your Social Platforms Like a Brand Puzzle #Socialmedia

By on September 7, 2013
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Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest all demand different types of content on a regular basis. But how do you guarantee that you always have unique content that converts while conserving financial investment, time and effort Download The Simpsons? Today I’m going to teach you about treating your social landscape like a content brand puzzle.

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Your Social Content Brand Puzzle

The social landscape that you build for your brand becomes your online brand identity Free download of Korean books. But what many small business owners don’t quite understand, is that these social platforms are not separate from each other – they all need to fit together like a content puzzle fpga 다운로드.

• You want the maximum ROI for a new fan!
• You want them to join not just Facebook, but ALL your social communities
• The only way to get them to do that is to focus on content strategy

The 5 Major Rules of Creating a Content Brand Puzzle

Social content online is constantly in demand Download Silky Fix. If you are social media manager, then you know about the content monster that is always hungry and always needs to be fed with fresh, dynamic and high conversion content Download Super Bunny Man. As if blogging wasn’t hard enough, right?

There are 5 rules about content synergy that you need to know about as a small business social media manager Download inside-out subtitles.

1. You can duplicate topics, but not text
2. Your text must be focused on an end goal
3. Your text must be different on all of your social platforms
4 spreadsheet compare. Your text should link together to form a tantalizing topic ‘image’
5. These should be part of your micro content strategy.

Working With One Topic And Multiple Social Content Platforms

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Your blog is central to your social media strategy and should be one of the main sources for your topic selection and syndication 사운드포지 키젠. Here’s how it works. Be aware that you can apply this formula to curated content as well, to create a breadcrumb trail back to your website or social platforms axis.jar 다운로드.

Step 1: Choose a topic (A blog about wedding cake design)
Step 2: Create your lead piece of content (the blog – 800 words)
Step 3: Create your social syndication content map (which sites will you publish on?)
Step 4: Create your unique ‘puzzle piece’ content that all fits together
Step 5: Publish your unique content breadcrumb trail leading back to your blog

It will look something like this:

• Wedding Cake Design (Keyword)
• Blog: How To Sell The Perfect Wedding Cake Design
• Facebook (2), Pinterest (5), Twitter (10), YouTube (1)
• Facebook: 2 uniquely worded updates, different images, some different hashtags
• Twitter: 10 uniquely worded tweets, 8 with images, a few different hashtags
• Pinterest: 5 uniquely worded pins, 5 different images, different hashtags
• YouTube: 1 unique video, keywords, different text.

Once you get this basic structure right, each puzzle piece can be further broken down for additional cross-promotion on your social platforms. For example – the video you created to promote your core blog post can be introduced into the cross-promotion cycle and once again syndicated into the brand puzzle.

A post on Facebook, a post on Twitter, one on Pinterest and a blog about the video – and they all allow the visitor to bounce around, joining ALL of your communities because they discover something MORE or different there. It also increases the power of one link and improves your opportunity for inbound link generation.

What do you think of the ‘brand puzzle’ content strategy? Does it make it easier for you to capitalize on one single topic?

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