How to Use Captivating Captions on Instagram to Improve Audience Engagement (with Infographic)

By on September 4, 2019

A picture paints a thousand words—entirely agree—still, the proverb cannot completely undermine the power of words. Not even in this era of digital boom.

Despite being a media-centric app, a good caption still considers as one of the most crucial aspects of Instagram’s posts. It allows you to drive better engagement towards your feed and eventually to your website.

Though often underrated, Instagram captions have tremendous potential to attract, engage, and retain the audience fedora iso 다운로드. Essentially, your caption can be a make or break feature of your posts and can be used as a powerful tool to intensify your message. All you need to do is to create or curate the captions that encourage people to take action.

In this blog, we are going to guide on how you can maximize your Instagram posts by enhancing the quality of captions.

So let’s get started.

The Importance of Effectively Written Instagram Captions

Majority of businesses emphasize only on creating stellar visual content 고릴라어플 다운로드. They pay least attention to the need of writing enthralling captions, consequently, fail to unlock the highest potential of the social network.

Here is what you need to consider to escape the mediocrity when writing for your Instagram captions and elaborated campaigns.

  • Content is king, even for Instagram and other social media campaigns.
  • Good Instagram captions are capable of adding 2x more value to the posts just by supporting the context of the visual.
  • Thoughtfully optimized captions with CTAs increase the chances of profile and bio visits and also drive traffic to your website.

Being a visual platform, Instagram primarily prefers images and videos Windrunner apk. Images can attract and engage, but they don’t help you much with the conversions. For conversions, you have to write appealing captions with a clear and straightforward message.

For instance, you want your followers to buy your linen dresses. In the caption, you will be telling your audience that you sell worth-buying handmade, hand-embroidered, and sustainable clothing which is not readily available anywhere else in town 윈도우7 테마.

A picture alone cannot convince your audience, as they might have seen many dresses—as you sell— before, but, it’s the caption that tells them how your brand is different from others.

1.   How Long Should an Instagram Caption Be?

Talking about the length of Instagram captions, no hard and fast rule needs to be followed. It entirely depends on how much do you want to say about the visual you have posted along Solaris 9.

If you write lengthy captions, odds are high that the audience will not take much interest in your posts. Try to deliver your message in two lines. However, if you are confident that only a five-paragraph caption would send a justified message across, then don’t cut it short and write as long as you want.

Similar to Twitter, Instagram captions too have a word limit. You cannot exceed more than 2,200 characters per post 엘지 노트북 드라이버. Preferred word limit is 125 characters as it ensures the visibility of your entire caption on feed. However, if you are writing long caption—make sure you wind up your message efficiently before you are about to hit the word limit.

Points to Remember

  • Preferably, keep your message short and sweet
  • Maximum length is 2,200 characters
  • Recommended length is 125 characters
  • Write longer caption only when it’s crucial

2.   Most Important Information Should Go First

As we have mentioned earlier, your caption should be short and crisp. If you still feel the compulsion to write an extended caption, then make sure you are putting the most important information first as lengthy captions get cut off endnote x4 다운로드.

Bear the fact in mind that your visitors would be least interested in clicking ‘read more’ and going all the way down to read every single word. Until or unless you have something important or the message you want to deliver has something worthwhile for the readers.

Points to Remember

  • Follow inverted pyramid style when crafting your message—most important sentence> crucial details> least important description
  • Put your CTA within first 125 characters’

3.   Don’t Forget to Embed the CTAs

If you want to drive traffic to your app/website/YouTube channel or even if you want to sell directly on Instagram—utilize CTAs to prompt the followers to take action.

Hint your readers to visit your bio where you have added the unique link. The link in your bio will take the visitors to your app/website or any other spot where your end-goal is supposed to be achieved 통장사본.

Keep updating your link in the bio and make sure it is relevant to your recent post and caption. For instance, if you have posted about a particular category on your website, make sure you update the link as well so that the visitors don’t have to search for the item in your website.

Points to Remember

  • Use action-oriented CTAs
  • Direct your readers towards the bio where you have placed the unique link to your site
  • Make sure the link in your bio is the same as hinted in your latest post’s CTA

4.   Hashtags Still Matter, But Use the Relevant Only

Hashtags in Instagram captions increase your visibility across the search feed. By adding hashtags, you can put your brand on a display for a wider audience.

Keep in mind that visibility of hashtags doesn’t really matter, it’s the relevancy of the hashtags that actually make a difference cytus. Henceforth, it is recommended to add your hashtags after you have finished writing your captions.

Handpick your hashtags to make sure they are targeted to a specific audience interested in your niche. Study the user behavior to determine which types of hashtags your target audience follow on Instagram.

Choose a combination of both high and medium volume hashtags. Although your captions can contain up to 30 hashtags, still you shouldn’t overstuff your post with random hashtags. In order to keep your caption clean add only 3-4 hashtags in the caption and then you can add more in the first comment of your post Ko A Three Kingdoms 6. Identify the relevant ones, and use the ones which are more likely to fetch the valuable traffic to your feed.

Points to Remember

  • You can use 30 hashtags per caption
  • Visibility of hashtags doesn’t really matter so you can always add them in the end
  • Don’t overstuff your caption with random keywords
  • Use relevant and thoughtfully picked—a combination of both high and low volume
  • Maximum 4 keywords are enough
  • Add additional captions in the first comment

5.   Prompt Your Audience to Leave Comments

If you want to increase engagements to your posts, your captions should be effectively written to trigger the actions. To have people leave their response in the comment section, you will have to come up with a caption that implies an urge to; leave a reply, tag someone, or start a conversation.

Other than that, you can reply to the people’s comments that will help you drive a discussion. Interestingly enough, most people can’t resist responding to a question, so try to add engaging questions to your captions. Or you may close your caption with an appealing CTA that suggests to tag other people in the comments.

Points to Remember

  • Use action-oriented phrases to induce the response
  • To humanize your brand, reply to as many comments as you can
  • Encourage your audience to get in a conversation
  • Hint them to tag others

To Sum Up

With more than 500 million daily active users, Instagram has become one of the leading social media apps. The network is growing with the fastest pace and has proven its worth in the digital realm. It’s up to you how you make the most of this platform by utilizing effective social media tactics that drive engagement and increase conversions.

A well-written caption can make a massive difference to your brand’s presence on Instagram, and they can also be leveraged to reap the maximum untapped benefits of the platform. From now on, make sure you don’t underestimate the power of captions and put as much effort in them as you put in the selection and editing of your pictures.

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