How To Use Infographics on Facebook To Drive Engagement

By on July 24, 2013
Facebook infographic

Facebook is one of the only remaining platforms that is not particularly infographic friendly. For marketers and social media managers, this begs the question – how do I engage my Facebook fans with images? Today I’m going to show you how to use mini-infographics to do incredible things for your business page.

What Is An Infographic?

In content marketing an infographic is an ‘information graphic’ or an image that creatively displays information in an easy-to-consume, highly engaging and visually attractive way.

Visual representations of boring old stats, brought to life with powerful colors, designs and illustrations – it’s a social media managers dream!

Infographics are a very intelligent way of grabbing the attention of a Facebook fan that loves to share, comment, and like interesting images. After all these Facebook infographics are the most interesting images of all, or at least they should be.

Facebook infographic

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What is a Mini-Infographic?

While most ‘normal’ infographics are packed with stats and useful data, this isn’t great for the Facebook image viewing system. On more than one occasion I’ve had Facebook business page owners ask me why the social media giant doesn’t make it easy for fans to see large infographics in updates.

The impact of the graphic is lost when people have to squint to read it, or try zoom in on the image in another way. The solution? Mini-infographics! These small, yet insanely engaging infographics are all the rage right now on Facebook. Clever content marketers and social media managers are using them to attract larger fan bases on these business pages.

The good news? Infographics get a lot of likes, comments and shares. You are almost guaranteed interaction when you post one. You can’t really say that about ANY other form of online content. These Facebook mini infographics are that powerful.

How Do I Create a Mini Infographic?

To create a quality mini infographic requires the same skill as creating a full sized one, except it’s a lot quicker to produce. Not only is it quicker, it’s also cheaper if you’re hiring a company to do it.

Plus, the interactions for small businesses (in my experience) are more or less the same as large, expensive, complex infographics.

Facebook infographic

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Simply take a few of your best stats and interpret them visually in an interesting way. Your fans will love to share fun graphs, charts and illustrated character infographics from your brand page.

Then add a little text update to go along with your mini-infographic, something catchy that prompts discussion, or requests engagement.

Since I’ve been dealing with these mini infographics I’m convinced that they need to be part of every social media marketer’s content strategy.

A post like this twice a week can turn a dead page into a high traffic page in mere months. My advice – add mini infographics to your content list right now.

What do you think about mini-infographics – are they worth using in your content strategy?

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