How to Use Social Media for Recruiting

By on August 9, 2019

Nearly 1 in 5 of job seekers use social media to connect with companies, according to a survey by Clutch. 

Businesses should consider adding social media to their recruitment marketing strategies to raise brand awareness, communicate with potential and current candidates, and advertise job openings 청문회.

In this article, we demonstrate how you can attract potential talent by using social media during the pre-applicant phase of talent acquisition. 

You can use the information in this article to build brand awareness and develop a rapport before they apply for your jobs 포니프로그.

Showcase Your Company Culture

According to a study by TalentLyft, three-quarters (75%) of candidates research a company’s reputation and brand before applying for a job, and most people (69%) say they wouldn’t accept a job with a firm that has a bad reputation 세븐나이츠.

Source: TalentLyft

Social media provides an excellent opportunity to build your brand, show off your company culture, and create a positive, lasting impression of your business arial 폰트 다운로드.

Some of the ways you can share your company culture on social media include broadcasting company events and behind-the-scenes live footage of your workplace

For example, Zappos artist Miguel livestreamed a video of himself painting shoes Domino's Pizza. As he paints, Miguel makes casual conversation with the audience by sharing personal stories and opinions, and further engages audience members through the commenting system. 

Source: Zappos on Facebook

Many social media networks such as Facebook and Instagram provide live stream tools, although Periscope is an attractive alternative for recruiters looking for a dedicated live video platform 인턴 한글자막.

Periscope allows you to broadcast live from your mobile app, and recruiters frequently use the platform host live Q & A sessions Free download of Korean books.

Source: Job Fair Giant on Periscope

Providing insight about your company culture and workplace is an excellent way to use social media because it allows potential job candidates to discover whether they’d be a good fit for your business Android webpage.

Turn Employees Into Brand Advocates

Sharing images, videos, and stories of your employees helps personalize your company and turn employees into advocates for your brand black out.

For example, consistently highlights its employees with Facebook posts that include an image of the employee next to a quote explaining why they like working for the company Correldraw x5 Korean edition. In the post description, Clutch encourages viewers to check out its career page.

Source: on Facebook

Highlighting employees personalizes your social media channels and encourages workers to share the content with their friends, expanding your digital reach.

Use Social Recruiting Resources

Paid social advertising and social recruiting tools provide significant support for companies wanting to recruit on social media. 

Paid social advertising on a platform such as Facebook lets you target a highly-specific audience, so you can expand your reach to people who are likely to be a good match for your company culture.

Helpful tools such as video calling, live broadcasting, and job opening postings are available on many of the popular social platforms.

For example, LinkedIn provides several tools and resources for companies and recruiters, including job boards, recruitment marketing products, and a wealth of content on its business blog

Social Media Is Valuable For Recruiting

Social media has long been understood as a useful tool to market businesses, but social platforms are poised to become a major force in the recruitment of new employees over the coming years.

Use social media content, tools, and resources to share your company culture, turn employees into brand advocates, and convince viewers to apply for your jobs.

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Seamus Roddy is the lead researcher for the HR segment of Clutch, a data-driven business resource for B2B services and solution providers.

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