How to Use Social Media Polls – 4 Reasons Why You Should Use This Engagement Tactic

By on February 5, 2020

Are you looking to improve your social media game? Have you been playing around with new tactics to reach a wider audience but aren’t sure what’s working and what’s not? Let’s introduce you to a successful social media feature for boosting your engagement today – social media polls.

Polls on social media present a question to your followers with a few answers to choose from. They are a great way to talk to your audience and get to know their opinions. Since social media polls just require a click to vote, people aren’t hesitant to participate 파츄콘. The choice that the majority selects showcases your audience’s interest.

How to conduct polls on different social media channels

To get you started, here is a quick look at how you can conduct polls on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram:

On Twitter

Text-based tweets after tweets make your Twitter feed monotonous. If you don’t get tweet replies, it eventually starts to look as if your entire wall is dedicated to talking to yourself. However, Twitter polls, a feature that came out in 2015, prompt people to interact with you.

Setting up a poll on the blue bird network is as easy as making a regular tweet. You just have to click on the ‘add poll’ option while composing your tweet dji assistant. Give a few answers to the audience to choose from and set the poll’s duration. Hit send and your work is done.

Your poll can question people about a trending topic or what changes they want your brand to implement. Put another way, with a twitter poll you don’t just get to be relevant, but also get a chance to dive into your audience’s mind.

On Facebook

Facebook jumped on the poll bandwagon after Twitter did. On Facebook, you can create polls regardless of whether you run a profile or page. The option of putting up a poll pops up in your status box. To make things fun, Facebook allows you to add other features to your poll as well Download The Noeugene Politics Cafe.

For instance, you can add what activity you are up to or put up two pictures to vote from. Know that Facebook allows you to share polls both as a status update, and a story. If you own a business page, you’d need to use Facebook’s business manager for the purpose.

Polls can be shared in groups too. What’s more, the poll option is available in messenger groups. Apart from the built-in poll feature, there are many poll apps that you can use for making interesting polls, which can be shared on websites and social channels 그대없이는 못살아 다운로드.

On Instagram

Instagram also enables you to host polls. You can use Instagram stickers to set up a poll. This poll would have only two options to choose from.

This stickered poll story can be posted to your stories or you can share it in a private group. It might interest you to know that the poll stories on Instagram are not anonymous unlike on Facebook and Twitter. This means the name of the voter is visible under the option he or she chooses 연합뉴스.

If you are familiar with Instagram, you’d be aware that its story views disappear within 24 hours along with the story. Fortunately though, while you cannot see who viewed your poll story after the time is up, you can track who voted for which answer.

Why should you use social media polls?

There are quite a few benefits that you can drive out of social media polls. Let’s take a peek at these below:

1 – You get to engage with your audience

You shouldn’t just be present on social media like a ghost BookBook YouTube. If you don’t engage with your audience, you wouldn’t be able to drive traffic to your site or grow your sales as social media marketers promise.

Putting up polls is a great way to entertain and engage with your audience. In the sea of other posts, polls stand out. And because people love giving their opinions, polls get them voting.

Take, for instance, the Harry Potter movies’ Facebook page. The film franchise ensures its audience has at least a quarter of the amount of fun engaging with its page as it once had in the cinema hall. To this end, the HP movie account runs polls quite frequently to interact with fans 파라솔.

2 – You can conduct research and get feedback

With polls you have a quick and efficient way to collect your audience’s views. You can ask your followers for feedback on a new service or their opinions on what they’d like.

A case in point here is Skittles. The brand often questions its followers what they’d like for them to introduce.

By collecting information through polls on social media you can also repurpose the information you collect into visual content such as a pie chart graphic Stencil. Or, you can use this information to support your arguments in a blog post.

3 – You get to use your tone of voice

A great branding strategy is to have a unique tone of voice. When your brand has a particular tone, it is more memorable to your audience. It also gets you noticed easily.

In this regard, getting creative and using a voice that your audience can relate to are both key points to note. Goods news is social media are a brilliant way to exhibit your brand’s voice.

The Instagram page for the Netflix’s You is a good example here Download the switch pack. It uses a relatable tone, akin to that which its characters use in the show.

4 – You get to promote your products

You can also promote your products or other content using social media polls. It’s a subtly way to talk about your service or product. You can also add a link to any blog posts, podcast episodes or other content for getting more engagement on that particular piece.

Since polls are very effective at catching and holding your audience’s attention, they can serve your promotional goals well 추적자.

Robert Katai, the content marketing manager over at Bannersnack, uses the poll feature on Twitter frequently. By questioning people about their podcast preferences, he makes it easy for them to understand that he is a podcaster. The topic also ties back to his business.

Tips for creating effective social media polls

Ready to use polls for growing your social media? Here are some quick tips for creating on-point social media polls:

  • Keep your polls short and to the point
  • Use your brand’s voice
  • Be relevant
  • Host polls sparingly
  • Post polls when your audience is most active

Wrapping up

Creating social media polls is easy and posting them is a great way to engage with your audience and gather opinions. Polls enable your brand to employ its voice and promote other content as well. Just make sure you don’t overdo with polling. And don’t forget to keep it relevant + fun.

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