How To Use Social Media to Get Downloads for Your App

By on February 22, 2019

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Congratulations. You did it. You’ve just launched your new app. And that’s no small feat.

After all the hard work you have put into creating your app, it’s now time to get people to download it.

However, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of apps to compete with. There are multiple ways you can market your app for free and for a fee but the most cost-effective way to get downloads is through social media 이프온리 자막. It enables you to connect directly with your audience and get feedback quicker than any other method.

Here is how to use social media to get downloads for your app.

Plan Your Strategy

First and foremost, you shouldn’t do anything without planning ahead. You must figure out what platforms you want to use based on where your target audience spend their time online. The usual suspects are of course Facebook, Instagram and Twitter yum 패키지 다운로드.

From here, you must research what content they like best. One way to do this is by heading to a competitors’ social media page and see what they are sharing. You will see what their followers like best from the number of comments or shares the post has received.

Optimize Your Social Profile

Similar to how you would optimize your webpage to help rank in Google, you must do the same for your social profiles to get users to get downloads for your app.

Share as much about your app as possible, being as descriptive as you can. Use the keywords that you want users to search in the App Store or Google Play Store to find your app 템플릿.

This ensures that when people search for apps in your category on Google, your social media profile will rank well with relevant keywords, increasing its visibility. Social media websites have high authority on search engines, so well-optimized social media webpage will rank well.

Finally, include a link to your app’s download page in app stores in the description to increase app downloads.

Create Valuable Content To Share

High-quality content marketing is one of the most effective strategies around to increase app downloads secure shell. Make sure it engages with the reader to keep them satisfied and encourage them to take action.

Content comes in a variety of forms, such as blog posts, videos and infographics. However, don’t just copy what competitors are doing. While It makes sense to create similar content that proves popular, regurgitating their words doesn’t make you stand out. Unique content gets more shares across social media than unoriginal and copied content

According to ComboApp, the best strategy to drive app downloads via social channels includes highlighting all the key features of your app that will be beneficial to your future users 곰플레이어 코덱 다운로드. Engage with your audience across your platforms, explaining why you have developed this app.


Decide if you plan on running promotions that incentivize users to download your app. They work well at attracting new downloads or encouraging existing users to access premium and exclusive features.

Advertise the giveaways across your social pages and your website. If the goal is to just increase downloads, it’s worth investing in some paid ads. People love getting things for free after all.

Now that these general tips have been covered, here is how to get app downloads across the major social media platforms Download naver photo video.

Increase App Downloads With Facebook

Facebook is the largest social media platform with over 2 billion active users, making it the best channel to promote your app. It also helps that people use Facebook on their computers as well as their mobile devices.

Create a Facebook page for your app. This gives you a solid foundation to build your digital presence and gain credibility. Include as much detail as you can within the page. The cover image should be used to show users the best features of your app Download Google Movie.

Facebook business pages have call-to-action buttons built in which should direct the user either straight to the download page or down your sales funnel to a powerful piece of content.

Your audience also hangs out and contribute to Facebook Groups. Join and engage with group members, inviting them to check out your own page.

Facebook ads are also incredibly effective for marketing your app for downloads.

Increase App Downloads With Instagram

Instagram has the second largest number of active users, with over 1 billion recorded in 2018 1 room. This is the best platform to share images and videos of your app in use. Link your page to your official Facebook profile to build further authority.

Creative content and Instagram will get lots of shares, increasing the likelihood of viral content. With the right hashtags, a single video can gain thousands of views, that turn into followers. Continue to publish quality content to increase your followers.

As this grows, your Instagram business page unlocks extra features. You will be able to link your app download link or your app website in stories to increase downloads 페이트 스테이 나이트 ubw. For more details on why you should absolutely have a website for your app, check out this app marketing guide.

Similarly to the Facebook page, include a link to either the app download page or a well-written piece of content on your website that takes them deeper down the sales funnel.

Instagram also has PPC capabilities too so if you have a budget, they are also worth considering.

Increase App Downloads With Twitter

Along with Instagram, Twitter is one of the best social platforms to get downloads for your app on your mobile device 오즈 파일. Include your download link in your description as a link to increase conversions.

Social updates on Twitter must be written in 140 characters or less. When it comes to using Twitter effectively, don’t sound promotional. Be informative with your posts and engage with people that respond both positively and negatively.

As you get to know your audience, you find people that comment and interact more than others. You should follow these people and comment on their own posts. Continue to share great content and they will follow you back, sharing your posts with their own audience.

Twitter has a ‘Twitter Cards’ feature to further promote your A new feature that was released last year enables you to use content marketing and “Twitter Cards” to increase your app’s visibility.

These are the main strategies any company can leverage to increase downloads for their newly-built app mobile. I hope every app maker will leverage these strategies and make their apps successful in 2019!

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