How Wedding Businesses Can Use Social Media to Attract Customers

By on March 12, 2019

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There’s undoubtedly a connection between the wedding industry and social media. Social media has a wonderful, aesthetically-stunning way of creating aspirational wedding goals for couples-to-be — simply browse the #wedding hashtag on Instagram to see for yourself 오즈 파일. The cost of weddings has risen along with the rise in popularity of Instagram and Pinterest, too, which may not be a coincidence.

According to Kristen Maxwell Cooper from The Knot, “Social media has definitely influenced weddings in a way that couples are seeking larger-than-life ideas.” Expectations are rising thanks to social media, which is great news for wedding brands. Coopers also says that almost 90 percent of couples are using their smartphones and social media for wedding planning.

Here’s how wedding brands are using social media to create an effective, engaging platform to connect with couples 서풍의 광시곡.

First Things First: Create a Strategy

If you use social media in your personal life, you probably think that it’s mostly for fun and easy posting when you feel like it. Using social media for business is an entirely different animal, though. You have to post regularly, make sure you’re using the right combination of media, reach your specific audience on the days and times they’re online, set up a system for replying to questions and reviews, and more — there’s a ton that goes into it cDownload the language file! Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a pro, a strategy is absolutely necessary in order to get the most out of social media for your wedding business.

Now, let’s move on to the different techniques that you may want to add to your strategy.

1 c4d free. Wedding bands can use video to show off their talents.

The Grooves, a wedding band in San Antonio, uses social media for promotional videos. This is an easy alternative to having to go and listen to a band live. Real couples can find great entertainment without the time commitment of a live performance Download Nell Young-yeon. DJs and other wedding performers can do the same.

2. Ceremony and reception venues can offer virtual tours.

Wedding venues can offer 3D tours of their sites on Facebook or YouTube, letting potential clients virtually visit without having to make the trek. This is especially useful for couples who are booking destination weddings and can’t get there in person before the wedding date. Hotels can do the same to showcase where couples can stay, the bridal suite for getting ready, and the rooms that guests can stay in over a wedding weekend line 다운로드.

3. Photographers should share photos of real weddings.

Wedding photographers often arrange staged photo shoots so they can showcase their talents in a controlled setting. They’ll use models as the bride and groom and partner with local businesses to provide the venue, décor, catering, etc. This is great, but it doesn’t give real couples a chance to see what their wedding will look like 투명드래곤. While staged photos have a place in your marketing, showcase photos of your real weddings, too.

4. Ask your couples for reviews via tagged posts.

Businesses of all kinds are greatly impacted by social proof, and wedding vendors are no different. Since weddings are such a visual experience, many of your couples are going to be adding their photos to their own social media Download the instruction manual for the special lecture. A super easy way to gather positive reviews is to ask to be tagged in those images. You can then share the posts on your own social media to show future clients how happy they’ll be.

5. Be available to answer questions.

Today, many social media platforms have built-in messaging features, allowing clients to contact you directly if they have questions download guitar pro. Couples are juggling a ton of information, different vendors, various price points and rates, schedules to be coordinated, etc. It’s important that you’re available to communicate with potential clients directly. With something like Facebook Messenger, you can set your availability so that customers know when they can and can’t reach you.

6 맥 시에라 다운로드. Recycle old posts that performed well.

In many ways, weddings are an evergreen industry. A dress that was gorgeous last year can still be in demand today. Flowers are timeless. Caterers may rely on certain dishes that people have loved for years. Get more out of your high-performing social media posts by re-sharing them. If needed, update older content with fresh copy or additional photos. Run a Facebook ad on a post that’s already received a lot of organic traffic. Look at your seasonal posts from a few years ago to find content that’s perfectly appropriate this time of year.

Last Thoughts

Your audience is on social media, which is why you need to be there, too. By setting up profiles on the same sites where your brides and grooms are, you can show them what their experience can be like if they go with your brand. Follow a posting schedule, use stunning photography, and engage with them personally in order to humanize your business.

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