How To Create Facebook Super-Polls For Max Engagement

By on February 28, 2012

Facebook polls are a quick and easy way to get a lot of engagement from your fans, and they’re also a great way to source market research. If you haven’t been using the polls function – where have you been google play 서비스 다운로드? Today we’re going to teach you how to turn a boring poll question, into a complete attention grabber!

The Right Question, The Right Tone

The first thing you need to know about Facebook polls, is that they’re meant to be engaging 나르코스 다운로드. They’re not meant to be ‘fillers’ or random additions to your content. Every question needs to serve a purpose, and must be written in a conversational tone c1pro 다운로드. People don’t care about stuffy questions. But if you make them dynamic, they’ll be lining up around the block to answer them. Here are some great tips Download the history of your visit!

#1: Ask a good question! Your question needs to relate to your niche, and it needs to be something people will want to answer 2020년 달력 다운로드. Asking self serving questions is not going to work here. Change: ‘What do you love about our services?’ into ‘We’re giving away a free gift to our Facebook fans Download hrd-net! What would you prefer?’

#2: Ask the question in an interesting way! Be friendly, passionate, dynamic – even funny to get your fans attention Download Web Leap Gothic 130. To add that personal touch, sign off the question with your name, so that they know who’s addressing them. Most of all, add in some insight of your own 코코 한글 자막! Let your fans know what you think first.

#3: Have a clear objective! Like I said before, all of your questions need to have a purpose coverity 다운로드. If you need market research, then you’ll have to draft the questions you want to ask – and rework them according to these tips. Boring, dry, analytical nonsense is not going to interest your fans Hello Kitty Cafe. Make it fun.

#4: Promote your polls! There’s only one way to guarantee that loads of people will answer your poll – and that’s if you make it important. Promote it on your Facebook page, or give away prizes each month to your top ‘poller.’ Include the best answers in your monthly emails or newsletter. Remember to combine social and email.

#5: Encourage fan additions! If your poll doesn’t have the right answer, then don’t forget to ask your fans to add one onto the list. You can even publish one answer, and leave the rest up to your fans. When they have control, you’re bound to get some excellent answers.

#6: Run a poll about your polls! Ask your fans what they’re interested in knowing about your community or niche. What questions would they like to answer? Or better yet – in a debate, which is the popular choice? Figure out a way to always create and publish great polls, even if it means polling your fans about it.

Use these great tips to create solid gold polls that will get your community talking. Don’t be afraid to be controversial, strange, wacky or mysterious to get answers. You’ll be surprised what works! As you publish them, your analytics will tell you which ones your fans prefer. Go on, try one out!

Have you come across a great poll question on Facebook? Copy and paste it here, along with the page name, and tell us why you love it!

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