What’s Coming? The Impact of Mobile Technology on Social Media Platforms

By on October 20, 2012

Mobile technology is gaining ground, and evolving at a staggering pace. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are going to have to expand their own mobile capabilities, if they’re going to survive the desktop to mobile crossover 경제 세미나 다운로드. Today I’m going to talk about how mobile technology is influencing social platforms.

The Growth of Mobile Technology

Mobile advancement has become a giant in the technology field, since apps were invented and Steve Jobs launched his iPhone, iPad, iPod series location.href 다운로드. I recently read that most of the world actually prefers using the internet on their mobile devices than seated at a computer.

It makes sense, our lives are getting busier 엡손 프린터! But it’s more than that – in many areas of the world there are no computers, or people can’t afford them. Anyone, anywhere can afford a smartphone these days Download the keymacro. That’s the internet, when and where you need it.

If I had to bet on it, I’d say that mobile has only just started – there’s so much more ahead of us Download like a movie. If you take a look at current trends in technology, you begin to see that smartphones can get a lot smarter! Just look at the advancements they’re making in augmented reality on mobile devices – it’s astounding Ms Office 2010 Korean edition.

In case you don’t know, augmented reality is what you call those projected images that you can interact with. In the near future, we’ll have smartphones that can project full size keyboards out for us and more 쥬얼리게임.

Social Media Platforms and Mobile

Imagine the incredible things you could do with social media and something like augmented reality v3 무료 다운로드! It would essentially change our 2D mobile and social landscape into a 3D interactive experience. Shopping, chatting, sharing, watching videos – even file transference – would be drastically changed, and vastly improved windows 7 professional k 64bit 다운로드.

I’d say we’re probably about 5 or so years away from this technology boost, 10 years at the most. In the meantime, there will be many other ways mobile changes social 몰펀 가이드북 다운로드. For example, there will be advancements in QR code technology – and people will be able to interact with the external world via digital means.

The Future of Mobile Social

If you take a look at how social platforms are evolving (simplicity, highly personal and customizable) these advancements will only be enhanced by modern mobile technology. People are spending more and more time online, connected to their networks. This will eventually become a permanent thing.

Mobile devices will ensure that we get news, seconds after it happens. That we never miss another friends birthday, or special occasion. That we are able to share in the experiences of our friends, family and associates on a micro level.

Platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and – increasingly – Facebook, were built to thrive on the mobile phone. There’s a reason for that! While we’ll always have our main center of operations (our desktops) the social mobile will become a part of us. That’s why Google is developing that progressive augmented reality technology in glasses!

How do you think mobile technology will affect platforms like Facebook and Twitter in the future? Leave your opinion here!

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