How Important is it to Separate Your Professional Persona From Your Personal Persona Online?

By on March 18, 2011

It’s very common these days for people to have a business persona and a personal persona on the internet. Because the internet has a knack for grouping things together that may come from the same person, maintaining distance is becoming increasingly difficult Download the medical books.

People have been forced to adopt a type of online schizophrenia – two personalities sharing the same cyberspace. But how important is it really to keep your ‘real’ personality and your ‘business’ personality separate Download flash source?


Remember The Risks Involved

When you decide to be frank about everyone and everything on your personal profiles, this can leak over to your business presence yum rpm 다운로드. The only way you can try to curb this content soup-mix is to keep your accounts separate.

If you can, use different networks, groups – heck use different sites if you can 윤명조 120. A word to the wise though – no one can hide from Google. Everything you say under your personal name can and will be used against you in business. To prevent this, use nicknames to protect your persona 나의 짐승남 다운로드.


Try To Keep Your Moral Compasses Integrated

Your personal and business personas should share a lot of things in common – like your core likes and dislikes, or your code of ethics Download The Mouse Rescue. There is no point pretending to be a trustworthy business person, when you are boasting about taking people for a ride on your personal pages.

People will find out 사랑이 뭐길래. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep your basic beliefs the same. That way, if clients read your personal content, they will see that you are still the same, decent person you claim to be in business 위대한 인류.


Structure and Views Matter on All Pages

If you make a point of writing clearly and error free on your business profile, then you should do the same on your personal pages 이웃집에 신이 산다 자막. This will help reaffirm that you are the same person working within these different accounts.

Though your motives are different, splashing crude slang across your personal pages is not going to endear you to any future clients Download the next map offline. Also, try to stay away from the touchy topics online.

Religion and politics can cause more fights that any other topics on the internet. Avoid them in business, and if you can, avoid them on your personal profiles as well. Try to reach an even ground with your persona’s!


Your Online Persona Includes Both Business and Personal Use

When people search for your business, or search your name, they get both of your online personas. If you’re a business person, both of these personas need to be managed in order to present the right image to your client and to the world.

If your personal persona has a terrible reputation, you better believe that no one will want to do business with you once they find out. Everything online is interlinked.

You have to be very careful what you say online, and how you present yourself on all fronts. Keep your personal life and business life separate, just remember that in reality – they aren’t separate at all. One leads back to the other and you’re accountable!

Is your business persona the same as your personal persona? Do you think this is the right thing to do? Tell us please!

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