How to Improve Your Company’s Social Listening

By on January 12, 2018

Customer service through social media is a balancing act that offers a lot of opportunities for communication in your client and customer relationships Call of Duty Modern Warfare. While, depending on the company, you can’t address all customer questions and comments through social media, you should make a valiant effort to maintain a high response rate Melisse. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to improve your company’s social listening.

Social Listening Methods

In its early stages, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content was taken at face value based on the number of likes, comments or retweets a post received China Immigration Report. While that is still true for the masses, as marketing has expanded into the online sector, all social media information is now tracked closely and analyzed heavily Gary 2002. Online marketing is data driven, based on every click of a customer’s mouse 이달의 소녀.

There are many ways to examine social media traffic and use social listening to focus on your audience Download ms office 2003. Hashtags are used across most social media platforms as a way to follow specific conversations — a tool proven particularly useful in monitoring an influx of commentary and responses on trending topics Download the purple color. Create and promote hashtags for your company or the new product you are promoting to engage your audience and to produce public speculation to gather data from 엘 캐피 탄.

While there are many in-depth methods for surveying customer opinions through social media, it’s important to not forget about the basics Tupa Changgung. Social media provides the option to tag organizations in comments or posts and to leave reviews, which means customers can address you easily one way or another dice. Depending on the urgency of the question, comment or concern, it’s important to listen and interact with the customer as soon as possible in this social media climate.

Have a Dedicated Social Media Expert

If your company’s online presence extends through multiple social media platforms, you’ll probably need at least one representative on social media duty. Dedicating this position to one person will remove any room for confusion about who should be responding to customer inquiries and when they should be responding to them. This also allows the person responsible to dedicate themselves to this specialty and become an expert in the best ways to respond to customer inquiries.

If your company posts regularly to Facebook, make sure you are responding to comments in real time. Take on the traits of a public administrator by being readily available with considerate and diplomatic responses to whatever questions and comments are thrown your way. This increases customer satisfaction as well as the company’s understanding of what the customer wants.

Customers tend to have similar concerns, so if comments trickle in and you see variations of the same question, try to get to those first. Facebook will typically highlight your response in the comment section, which will prevent more people from asking the same question. If you continue receiving similar questions, consider editing your initial post for clarity.  

Making sure that your social media bios link to your website or an easy-to-access FAQ can provide customers with a resource with which they can help themselves. However, direct responses through social media helps customers feel that they are receiving a more personalized customer experience. It’s important to study social media trends for marketing purposes, and it’s also important not to forget that social media is full of individuals who want to feel heard. Make sure you are listening.


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