Improve Fan Engagement Now With These 5 Marketing Tips

By on June 12, 2013

Facebook sits at the core of any good social media marketer’s online strategy. It’s important that you review your current strategies every 3 months to ensure the relevancy and efficiency of your content strategies there netflix 영상 다운로드. If you haven’t refreshed your strategy in a while, here are some nice fresh tips to include this month!

The Facebook Fan Folly

Once your page has a new fan – great Download foreign language movies! You’re doing something right. But getting new fans is EASY compared with getting those fans to engage. I’m talking about likes, comments and shares – those 3 eternal interactions that control your Edgerank score java poi 다운로드. Here are 5 interesting ways to improve your interactions with new fans.

Link Your Niche With Something Popular: To promote discussion on your page, link your niche with something everyone loves talking about – like their favorite television show, or a star that’s in the news right now 64-bit pod player.

Link To Other Facebook Pages: When you’re talking about a hot topic, or even an average one – don’t forget to link to other relevant Facebook pages 러시아어 회화. Far from leading your fans off your page, they will appreciate the extra information.

Curate Content From Other Pages: It can be time consuming to continually create new posts for your Facebook page Download the StarCraft campaign. Instead, follow other great niche Facebook pages, and share their excellent content with your fan base. It makes your news delivery more balanced, and you get different voices on your page Download The Hundred Days of Nangun 15. Check out how we curated this Lego ad from the Social Media Training Center.

Make Your Content Relevant To REAL People: I always chuckle a little when I see these formal Facebook posts, sitting all alone on a business page – no hope of anyone ever connecting to them emotionally 앱인벤터2. And that’s what you have to do to get interactions – be a real, emotional person. Who doesn’t love Fridays?

Give Your Fans a Choice of Interactions: Sometimes the strongest prompts are delivered when you offer unique like or share posts 피터래빗 더빙판. We shared an animated video by Richard Swarbrick and ESPN, and asked our fans to like if they were Miami Heat fans, or share if they were San Antonio Spurs fans Imaginary.

Use these 5 awesome Facebook tips to connect with your FB fans, and improve your Edgerank scores across the board! Remember, when your score improves, the fans that have engaged with your brand the most will see MORE of your updates and promotions. Ideally, you want them to love interacting with you!

That’s why it’s essential to keep the conversation going, once they have commented. Validate the effort by responding as soon as you can, and you’ll see how each fan is gradually converted into someone that loves to talk to you, like and share your posts!

Which of these Facebook techniques do you think has the most value?

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