How to Improve Your Linkedin for Real Estate

By on August 20, 2015

Usually on social media platforms you have one goal; to share your every waking moment with your followers. LinkedIn has taken a slightly different approach, focusing not on the mundane every day but on showcasing professional achievements. Being the 3rd most popular form of social networking and with over 350 million users, businesses should be utilizing this online marketing opportunity. LinkedIn is able to create connections through its tremendous power as a corporate recruitment platform.

The sole purpose of LinkedIn is professional networking, and in the real estate industry, this is vital. Creating connections with local and major businesses will help build a name for yourself and establish your business further. Here are some reasons why LinkedIn is beneficial for real estate professionals:

  1. Research – Learn more about potential clients and businesses.
  2. Connecting – Begin by follow relevant companies, you will soon see a rise in your followers.
  3. Recommendations – Reviews of your company are the most powerful thing, particularly ones from an established real estate company!
  4. Relationships – Interacting with people in the same industry allows you to expand your knowledge based on their experiences and advice.

Though LinkedIn is all about being professional, a dull page is still going to drive people away. Having interesting content will make your company appeal more to clients and other people in the industry. Following these easy steps will help to drastically improve your profile:

You Company Page

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it is not possible to have multiple photos or set a color to your home page. There are alternative methods to make your site more attractive; firstly, regular postings of pictures and short videos will add more color to your profile. You should also make sure that all your company’s details are filled out correctly and contact can be made with just one click.

Get Involved with Groups

On LinkedIn, much like Facebook and Google+, users are able to become part of groups and discussions. Search the site for ‘real estate’ related groups to join, become part of discussions with fellow agents and members from your target audience, this can help you build up relationships.

Publish Interesting Content

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep your content exciting and constantly writing about your business can get very tedious. LinkedIn is very similar to a blog, you can post lots of different stories, and share other peoples content – it is particularly important to do this with your local companies to show support.

Don’t Forget About Sharing

Allowing users to be able to share your content onto other forms of social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. will drive more traffic to your page. These links will help expand your brand as it will increase the number of people able to see your content, and in turn increasing your followers. It also important to put a social plug-in for LinkedIn onto your own personal website, giving easy access to the users.

Make Use of the Analytics

One of the benefits of LinkedIn is the feedback you get on your posts, by looking over the analytics on each post you can see what is working, what isn’t and which has helped you gain more followers. There are tools available to discover how many links, clicks, impressions, and interactions your posts has had.

Here are some good examples of real estate companies’ LinkedIn pages that stand out from the crowd:

Colonial Capital has a very active page with lots of area-relevant stories, as well as a concise and in-depth bio that includes a picture. The large picture instantly draws the user’s eye and makes the page seem more exciting.

Inman news has used a slightly different method to make their page stand out: the repetition of the company’s name. Using different backgrounds and font sizes makes each one of the names stand out, making it more memorable. This method works particularly well when a company is new but be careful not to overdo it!
inman linkedin

Century 21 keeps their page exciting by posting stories that they think their users will find interesting – they don’t just talk about themselves! On every story there are links to share, like or comment; this increases the number of people who can see the post. Having interactive aspects on content makes the user feel more involved with the page and more likely to return.
century 21 linkedin

In the world of business it is important to customize your LinkedIn page, even if it might not be as fun as Instagram or Twitter. Disregarding this social media platform as a way of marketing could result in a loss of business. LinkedIn is perfect for savvy professionals to grow a successful real estate business.

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I am a London-based freelance writer, specializing in social media and digital marketing strategies.
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