In-Depth Look at the Way the Differences Between UI/UX Design Will Affect the SEO Strategies of Marketers In 2017

By on January 24, 2017

Marketing is way more than having a website for your business and getting it ranked high in search engine result pages (SERP). Actually, marketing is all about knowing the best possible ways to persuade consumers to purchase your services or products. This is called Neuromarketing. It is done on a psychological level.

This is where intuitive user interface design plays a key role in determining user experience (UX) with your website or mobile app. This is why User Interface Design companies focus on increasing uptime and processing the speed of websites or applications to enhance the quality of user experience.

There are Many Reasons of It.

  • An Intuitive UI Design is the top reason why a business succeeds on the digital front. It adds at least 40% to lead generation because businesses have only 10 seconds to impress visitors before they leave the website or stop using their mobile apps.
  • More than 90% of visitors will never come back to the website or use an application that takes more than 2 or 3 seconds to load, has ambiguous message labels, or is technically wrong in their use of graphics, language and distractions.
  • Development and use of interactive and user friendly interface helped businesses get more than 1.2 billion sales on a global scale in the year 2011.
  • An effective UI (User Interface Design) helps businesses increase their traffic by almost 2.5% and page views by 3%.

All of this is possible with an intuitive and interactive user interface that is free of any sort of distractions, inconstancy, overload of information, and inappropriate structure. Moreover, hassle-free navigation from one page to another, logical process for visitors to follow, a powerful and interactive story conveyed, effective choice of typography, and color scheme also determine/improve the quality of the user’s experience.

Knowing UI/UX thoroughly is important for the marketers to know to get the best out of a website or app.   UI/UX are two entirely different but interconnected pillars of digital marketing strategy/practices applied by businesses.

There are Some Crucial Differences Between UI and UX:

As a digital marketer, you must be able to differentiate the two.  It is important to know about the way UI/UX affects SEO, Digital Marketing.

UI (User Interface) Design:

  • All visitors/users visiting your website or using your mobile application prefer a beautiful and easy to use interface that helps them meet their needs with ease. Effective choice and application color scheme, and typography for interaction are not based on their personal preference. Instead, UX design and designers play an important role in this process.
  • UI (User Interface Design) design acts as a gateway for visitors to interact with your website, applications, products or services on a digital front.
  • UI Design is an integral and important part of Neuromarketing strategy or practices.
  • UI Design always focuses on the visual appeal and design of a product/website or app and the way it performs.
  • UI/UX Design companies confirm the involvement of efficiency, effectiveness and user’s satisfaction by removing all sorts of roadblocks with the goal of making users happy, and a desire to log a conversion through a high quality navigation process.
  • Customer analysis, design research, development of the user’s guide, branding, and graphic development determine the look feel of User Interface of any mobile app, website or product for users.
  • UI prototyping, interactivity and animation, an ability to adapt to all device screen sizes, and implementation with developers are crucial for determining the quality of responsiveness and interactivity of any mobile app, website or product for users.
  • UI Design is designed after the UX is designed.
  • UI Design is only for the interface of any product/app or a website

UX (User Experience) Design

  • UX (User Experience) Design is user’s experience. It is mainly determined by the quality of the user interface of your website/mobile app/service or any product. The execution of strategic digital marketing practices play an important role in this process.
  • According to UI/UX design companies, UX Design is a medium to help users accomplish desired goals on the digital front and increase lead generation easily up to 40%. This is why Web design companies in India advise businesses to make every single aspect of basic usability right, useful, usable, desirable, easily navigable onsite and offsite, accessible, and technically credible to help users get connected to your website/service or products psychologically.
  • Development of a perfect UX Design for any website/app/service or a product requires an effective design thinking process.
  • Strategy and content, wire ramming and prototyping, and execution and analytics are integral part of User Experience Design.
  • It connects visitors psychologically with the product/app or a website to make purchases.
  • UX Design is executed across all products/websites or apps and their interfaces and services too.
  • UX design is based on extensive research conducted by UX design professionals. This is very crucial in the process of validating and invalidating the initial product ideas for guiding the product development team. This is when UI design process comes into play and work on visual designs and micro interactions begins

The Differences Between UI and UX Design Affect SEO:

But How? Facts are silent yet they speak very loudly in their own way. Many popular User Interface design companies confirm the fact that an Impressive UI/UX design successfully affected over 1.2 billion sales in the year 2011. Moreover, traffic increased by 2% and users spent almost 4 extra seconds on websites/apps having impressive UI/UX design. These number are expected to increase manifold. Collectively, all of this is going to affect the SEO strategy of any marketer in 2017. Keep reading to learn more:

  • Like always, SEO and UI/UX design professionals will have to work in tandem because SEO drives the traffic to websites or apps and UI/UX play their roles in the process of creating a beautiful experience on a psychological level. In short, UI/UX Designs impress users and inspire them to make a purchase.
  • Web design companies in India always focus on developing websites that are responsive and interactive. Such websites or apps are fit for every device type. This is exactly where UI/UX Design plays a vital role and is crucial to the success of SEO strategy for digital marketers.
  • Impeccable execution of UI/UX Design make calls-to-action relevant to the requirements of users and help them consume content, and increase their engagement for possible improvement in conversion rate and experience.
  • Sharing of blog posts on social media websites becomes an easytask.
  • As users are fast switching to Voice Search, UI/UX Design companies advise marketers to optimize their voice search accordingly. This is surely going to affect their SEO. This is exactly where UI/UX Design will help them to stay alive in the competitive world.

Lastly, there are more mobile phones on this planet than there are humans. Consumers perform searches for things/products or services using their smartphones. Therefore, high quality links having relevant keywords for user intent optimization will matter. As for the reason, Google is certainly going to reward websites/apps or products for having fantastic User Interface Design to deliver great user experience in 2017. Now it’s up to the businesses how they will leverage this knowledge for delivering the best results.

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