Instagram Business: The New Functionality for Businesses

By on August 24, 2018

It’s been a few months since Instagram officially announced company profiles. Companies profile were opened in the same way as a personal profile, but now things have changed. Initially, Instagram business limited itself to big brands but later incorporated for hundreds and hundreds of companies.

If you know all the benefits that Instagram can give your business, do not miss this post on Instagram business. You will learn how to activate it and how to make the most of its advantages.

With so many brands using a platform as booming as Instagram, it was clear that businesses need to use it to interact with their existing and potential clients 스타워즈 제국의 역습.

Before you start, you should know that whether you already have an Instagram account or not, to activate Instagram Business for your company, you must have a linked Facebook page. A company profile on this platform can only be created through a Facebook page. You know everything is connected.

There are different ways by which you can to improve your company profile on Instagram and other social networks. Here, you will know about the functionality of Instagram business so that you can get it up and running as soon as possible.

Once you sign up for Instagram business, any user of the platform will see a new contact button when you visit your profile bluesoleil 6. That way, they can contact you directly; either by mail or by phone. And this is very important when it comes to generating more sales. You will be able to interact better with your potential and existing clients. You will know where to improve your products and services while communicating with your clients. This will have a positive influence on your business in the long run.

Another significant advantage of Instagram Companies is the statistics tool. There you can see how your followers increase, impressions, mentions, clicks etc design resume form. For the first time in the history of Instagram, statistical data appear, which seems to be a key point of improvement.

The four significant differences between business and personal Instagram profiles

  • In a personal profile, you cannot promote posts that are already in the account (you can only do so in the Instagram ads tool). In contrast, in the company profile, you can include advertising directly in the content you want to achieve a greater scope.
  • Within a personal account, no type of statistics reveals data about followers, the scope of photographs, interactions etc. However, on the profile of Instagram business, you will have immediate access to all kinds of metrics that will tell you everything about your activity on the platform 텍스쳐 모음.
  • The significant variation is the contact button that includes the profile of Instagram business. With a personal profile, you will not have the option to include it.
  • Another change that is included in Instagram business is the appearance of a clickable physical address. The best thing is that it directs you to Google Maps. It’s great! The personal profile cannot make an address clickable unless it is included in the biography (but it would lose the opportunity to put a URL of a website, for example) ckeditor.

What information do the new statistics give us?

All about the users: Sex, age, and location of all your followers.

Scope of content: You will be able to know what exact number of users that have seen your publication. Note that each person only counts as an impression, no matter how many times they have opened it.

Interaction: This information will give you the total number of users who have commented on one of your publications or who liked it Download mp3 from the 90s.

Clicks: This is very important. The new statistics of Instagram business will tell you how many people have clicked on your website. This is very important because you will know if your strategy is working or not.

User activity: It also tells you the average number of times your followers use Instagram in a single day. It let you know the activities of your followers.

How to change a normal profile to a business profile?

It is the easiest thing in the world 모비고 다운로드. If you have not entered your profile for a long time from the administrator (which I hope that does not happen), you will surely get an option directly as a novelty. This appears with a blue button that takes you to a business profile directly.

But if that has not happened, it’s just as easy. Just click on settings (top right of your screen). There you will see a lot of options, but you must click change to the company profile only.

You will be shown a screen that is linked to your Facebook page Download excel upload. This is a requirement as it was indicated at the beginning of the post. After that, you only have to choose the page that corresponds to you.

All that is left is to configure your Instagram Companies profile. Review all the contact information that and change what you see necessary. When finished, click done.

A necessary change

The truth is that these new features have taken too long to arrive. For a long time now, companies have realized the enormous power of this social network. That’s why businesses are showing their presence on them 일요특선 다큐멘터리. Not having statistics and having the same functionalities as a personal profile did not help to make significant improvements. That’s why I think this is a great opportunity that you should not let go.

Facilitates contact with your followers, and above all, measures everything that happens in your Instagram business account. These data will serve you well to continue optimizing your profile and take your business to the top.


Try it Touch firmware. You are always in time to switch to a personal account even if it is a company. Although I hope that if you have an active business profile on Instagram, do not hesitate to use these new features. They are all advantages. Take advantage of this opportunity and present your products and services to a bigger audience.

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