Instagram: The Dark Horse for Lead Generation That Will Help You to Promote Social Media

By on November 2, 2017

When it comes to social media marketing, Instagram is not a new name. Similar to other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – Instagram also works on the same logic. Here also you need to identify the audience and create compelling bio and description to start with instagram marketing. 

Instagram is best known for using relevant and interesting captions and hashtags, and posting interesting images and videos notepad 다운로드. Most of the digital marketers have started noticing the significance of Instagram. But, the most interesting fact is, not many know that – Instagram is the dark horse for lead generation!

Why is Instagram the dark horse for lead generation?

Launched in 2010, this photo-sharing app uses visuals for brand positioning 행서체. There are over 700 million Instagrammers active on monthly basis; out of which 400 million are active on daily basis. This vast pool of 400 million users can potentially turn out to be valuable leads. 

Currently, it is the fore-runner on social media bubble leading the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest among others.

Strength of Instagram over other social media marketing platforms

If we just look at the number of users, of course, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn have a higher number of users as compared to Instagram Download Guardians. However, when it comes to engagement and interaction, Instagram surpasses all!

Studies have shown that engagement with businesses on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, though Facebook has a higher number of users.

A major benefit is Instagram is pretty clean and clutter free 갑철성의 카바네리 해문결전 다운로드. Unlike Facebook and LinkedIn that offers a lot many things at one time, you can easily navigate Instagram. This social media platform is all about sharing visuals i.e. images and videos. Although you cannot insert clickable links in Insta-posts, you can insert a direct web link in a sponsored ad. Alternatively, in each of your post, you can have a call to action that redirects to the link in your bio skt 컬러링 다운로드.

User-generated campaigns on Instagram

Both Twitter and Instagram platforms garner user engagement with the help of catchy hashtags. However, user engagement with brands on Instagram is 84% higher than Twitter. And hence, if you focus on user-generated campaigns, for sure, you will rock in your lead generation campaigns.

User-generated content is the content created and shared by your community around your brand, product, service or message 네이버 게임 쿠폰 다운로드.

According to research from marketing startup Crowdtap and the global research company Ipsos, Millennials and other generations trust user-generated content 50% more than other types of media.

Many well-known brands have been benefited from user-generated content i.e. UGC campaigns on Instagram. Examples include Starbucks (White cup contest and red cup contest), Adobe (Adobe InColor campaign), Nike (PHOTOiD campaign), Wayfair (Wayfair at home contest), and others Download Sunflower of Flames.

Let’s take a look at UGC campaign of a car company, BMW:

BMW is the most successful Instagram channel among automotive brands worldwide. It sells luxury cars. Undoubtedly, BMW owners are proud car owners.

The UGC campaign of BMW uses hashtag #BMWRepost to share Instagram posts of proud BMW owners Download the web server file. This hashtag provides proud owners the opportunity to show off their luxurious lifestyle. BMW reposts the posts having this hashtag on their feed. Resultantly, the campaign lets BMW show off its proud and loyal base of customers.

With the help of user-generated campaigns on Instagram, you can also provide users a platform from which they can boast about their purchase 삼국지 천명 1. The only thing you need to do is to create a hashtag that lets customers share why they loved your product and why they would like to recommend it to others. Through UGC, you can generate leads and also promote your social media marketing strategy without sounding like a salesman.

Influencer marketing on Instagram

According to Forbes, influencer marketing is growing faster than digital ads, with emphasis placed on leveraging followers of industry leaders to foster growth in your own business 더 파이브 웹툰.

Integrate influencer marketing in your social media marketing to:

  • increase brand awareness,
  • get your content in front of fresh eyeballs, and
  • generate new leads for your sales funnel

For entrepreneurs owing start-ups, building an Instagram community via influencer marketing can seem super intimidating. However, in practice, it takes the right approach to nail influencer marketing on Instagram. With the help of specific hashtags and keywords, identify the posts having higher likes, comments, and reposts to reach the right influencer.

Why influencer marketing on Instagram only when there are other options too?

This is because influencer marketing is about showcasing an ideal lifestyle, and then inviting users to participate in it by using certain products or services. And, Instagram is all about sharing visual experiences. Hence, it beats all other social media marketing platforms in influencer marketing.

Signing off…!

Last but not the least; don’t ignore to monitor ROI of your Instagram marketing efforts. Instagram really doesn’t require more time or energy as compared to any other social network. Nonetheless, you have to be diligent and intelligent in your Instagram marketing tactics.

How will you use Instagram as a lead generation tool – drop in your thoughts in the comments box!




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