Instagram + Shopify: Why It’s a Great eCommerce Combination

By on October 18, 2018

There are 800 million users on Instagram and 500 million of those are using it every single day! With fascinating features, Instagram is becoming an integral part of society. Recently, Instagram has started allowing vendors to sell their products directly by tagging products in photos.

This looks like a logical step for both, Instagram and brands as they both are going to benefit from it 몬스터호텔3 더빙판 다운로드. With this feature, users can check out and buy products without leaving Instagram, so that’s a gigantic benefit for Instagram in terms of user experience. Brands, on the other hand, can present their products on a platform where humongous potential customers are already present.

All three parties benefit from this step; and by the third party, I mean users who can buy relevant products without even leaving the app Active x.

After this initiative from Instagram, eCommerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce has started offering merchants to integrate Instagram with their merchant account. This allows businesses to tag products directly on images, and increase revenue.

How is Shopify Making a Huge Difference in Instagram Shopping day-to-day?

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms in the industry with more than $245 million in revenue. Shopify recorded its billionth order in the second quarter of 2017. With 600,000 merchants on hand, Shopify holds more than 8% of the total market share Apple App Store.

Shopify offers ease to so many businesses out there. But its integration with Instagram is very logical. According to this SnapWidget article, these are top Instagram niches like Fashion, Art, Health, etc. that can give the best profits.

The best thing is, Shopify is one of the leaders in most of these niches. These four niches are using Shopify very actively:

  1. Fashion & Apparel
  2. Health & Beauty
  3. Home & Furniture
  4. Food & Drink

All these niches can use Instagram to their very best abilities 밥파일 다운로드. Brands engaged in these niches can use Instagram to generate more traffic, hence revenue.

Well established brands, which have thousands of Instagram followers can directly reach to the target audience within a few seconds.

How To Sell On Instagram With Shopify?

Here are the steps to integrate your Shopify account with Instagram:

  1. From Shopify admin, click on ‘+’ button next to the Sales Channel Download Windows Capture Tool.
  2. On the Add Sales Channel dialogue, add Instagram.
  3. Click Add Channel.
  4. Log into your Facebook account to authenticate your Instagram account.
  5. After this process, Facebook will moderate your account. This is a review process by Facebook to check the authenticity of your account. The time taken for this process completely depends upon Facebook Team by Joe Terro.

Please Note: If you haven’t integrated your Facebook account with Instagram, make sure you do. It is very essential.

After the approval of your business profile, you can add the product catalogue from the Shopping page of Instagram account 가디언즈 오브 갤럭시 2 ost 다운로드. You can tag products directly on Instagram pictures after adding product catalogue.

Stunning Examples of Shopify Merchants Using Instagram for Selling

Skinnydip London 

Skinnydip London is an online store for fashion and other accessories, founded by Levis Blitz & brothers. Skinnydip skyrocketed their sales after being stocked in leading global retailers. They offer clothing and accessories, largely for women. It is one of the most popular brands using Shopify and actively using Instagram to sell their products online user pe 다운로드. 


Bootea is very clever with using Instagram for selling detox tea and other products. It is using Instagram to promote new products, discounts, offers, and everything that you can think of. From 2016 till now, Bootea has gathered a wide customer base of 1 million worldwide Download long vacation. Here is an example of Bootea promoting its new product on Instagram.


Tattly is an interesting store that offers temporary tattoos. Yeah, this one is different! Tired of poorly designed tattoo designs, Tina Roth started her own store with innovative tattoo designs. With talented artists, Tattly is moving at a great pace today.

Tatty is using Instagram very mindfully promoting their new design every day. Here’s one example:

This Works Vice Versa! 

We have understood the logic and process of selling on Instagram. But there’s a catch that we shouldn’t miss. Just like you can drive buyers from Instagram to your store, you can drive visitors from store to Instagram to increase your followers.

But why would you want to distract your customers to Instagram?

Here’s the catch. If visitors land on your online store, you can show Instagram feeds on the homepage to drive them to your Insta profile. Showing Instagram feeds on the homepage increases your Instagram followers. Now, when you upload a new product picture with a shopping tag, more people will notice your feed, that’s a bigger audience for your store.

There are tons of Shopify themes supporting Instagram feed on your store. You can also develop this feature with the help of a talented Shopify developer. This feature could help you build a bigger audience, hence increase revenue.

People may not visit your store daily, but they’re more likely to use Instagram every single day, so it’s important to utilize this channel to the best we can.


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