10 Smart Ways to Use Instagram for Business

By on August 18, 2014

Instagram is a lot more than a widely used app to take cool pictures with; it can be used as an efficient marketing tool as well. Its popularity has grown tremendously, which makes it an exciting option for non-profit organizations and small businesses to explore. There are ten smart ways you can use Instagram for business to reach out to users and grow your business.

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

While it’s true that you can’t really use Instagram to push your products, you can enhance your brand’s visibility by creating visual stories Download Friends Popcorn. If the content, which will define your brand personality, is engaging enough it will help build a loyal fan following. Hence it’s important to have a unique voice that helps you stand out from your competitors and reach out to your users, who can turn into your loyal customer base.

Be a Visual Storyteller

It’s one of the biggest developments this year and social media marketers are doing their best to tap into it 세 사람. There’s great effort made towards visual content and making it easily accessible as well. As this idea gains further weight, Instagram will get further prominence in creating unique, visual content. You can create photos and videos of exceptional quality and share them on social media or embed them in your blogs or websites.

Give Followers a ‘Behind the Scenes Look’

One simple and thoughtful way of reaching out to your audience is offering a behind the scenes look into your company, making of a product, etc Download Holding Five. It will build an instant connection with your potential customers and can literally be the game changer for your business. If you display a picture of a product being made or a service that is being offered, you give users an insider perspective, which they will find immensely fascinating.

Host Contests

Who doesn’t love to win a prize and hosting a picture contest on Instagram can be a winning idea. You can ask your audience to take a picture with your product and send it in c# html Excel. You can be creative with your ideas as well and engage the audience before you declare winners and win their attention. By giving your users something they want, you can get a lot more in return as they will keep looking forward to future announcements from you.

Increase engagement with an Instagram Content

Attract a New Demographic

Instagram has a reach amongst many all over the world who get connected through visuals 건쉽배틀 다운로드. Thus you can target a completely new segment of the market. It can work wonders for small businesses that can get their products in front of new prospects, and help to drive web traffic and sales.

Linking Instagram’s Business Account to Your Other Websites

This is an important strategy from a business point of view because it gives your users an opportunity to view all pictures and videos downloaded from the instrumental account python opencv 다운로드. All they have to do is click on the link found on your company’s website. Instagram badges that have this link can be obtained and you can optimize the gains by adding the badge on your brand logo. This link can then also be added on your social media profiles.

Making the Most of Locations

Giving your company a set location to tag is a smart idea Wavepad. Users often tend to tag location when they post; hence it will offer a chance to other users to not only know your business but its exact location as well. If there is a user, who for example, has posted a picture of the meal he’s had and tagged the location, other users can see where it was and find out about your restaurant 9와 숫자들 다운로드. This strategy also makes sense even when the company is out at an event or simply enjoying the day out of the office. It will give your users an opportunity to find your event.

Using Hashtags Appropriately

When hashtags are used smartly with Instagram, they can make a big difference to your business because they can maximize your reach Download textbooks in the future. But the key remains in using them cleverly; just because you are allowed to use 30 of them doesn’t mean you do. Using 5-7 relevant hashtags with a post can be adequate. Businesses can also have dedicated hashtags that can be used with pictures and videos so that when it is clicked, all the posts come up. Thus, not only will you draw their attention to the current post but past posts as well Download Roboka Poly Season 3.

Drive Traffic to Your Site

Yes, Instagram can help you with your all important goal of driving traffic to your website. You can post a link to your site on the bio, which incidentally is the only place on Instagram where you can have an active hyperlink. It can boost traffic to your site, just like having calls to action in your post comments. A specific landing page from the website can be used as the link of Instagram to cash in on the visitors you can draw.

Engage with Your Audience

All seasoned marketers understand the importance of engaging with the audience. If they have been appreciating your pictures and videos, then you can reciprocate by looking at their images and videos as well. It will give the impression of genuine interest on your part and that’s quickly appreciated by your audience. It will thus help build strong sense of loyalty amongst your users.

No matter how many of these strategies you use, there’s no denying that using Instagram to market your business can be exciting and a lot of fun. All it takes is a bit of creativity on your part and the results you get can be phenomenal. It’s definitely worth a shot in a bid to grow your business further and get the attention you deserve.


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