Integration of Blog Content and Social Media Outlets

By on February 17, 2011

Think of your blog as the centre of all of your social media marketing pursuits. Think of it as the reason that your community continues to read what you write 길따라 점프 다운로드.

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While social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are integral parts of your social media campaign – they are also platforms that encourage ‘quick’ interaction over a long period of time ftp 파일 다운로드. The constant back and forth that makes these sites worth using, is also the reason your blog needs to be the home base of your business.

Your business website is where you sell your products and services Pop-up free. Your blog is where your community goes to learn more about you, what you know and how you can help them achieve their goals.

Other social media outlets, are for promoting these two core parts of your online business structure Download The Dream of the Great. Over time, marketers have found that people don’t really want to be referred directly to a business website. This is why blog content has become so important across other forms of social media Download Glowpick.

So how do you integrate your blog content with your other social media platforms? How do you cross promote, and get more people to find and read your blog – extending your reach across multiple social media outlets Download MediaPack Genie?

1. Use Themes Across All Platforms

In order to keep your current social media strategy working in harmony with itself – you need your main topics of conversation to revolve around the same subject lg 스마트쉐어 다운로드.

If you’re going to concentrate on Twitter marketing this week, make sure you have a few dozen tweets prepared that are also about Twitter marketing Download unreal4 engine. That way you can generate interest on your social media platforms, and lead traffic back to your blog.

It’s not always about linking, or including a link that says “hay, check out this post on…” If you can put together a 1 week strategy that works to create enough interest and hype, eventually people will be asking you when your next series on Twitter marketing is coming up best number of plows! That’s assuming all of your blog content is outstanding of course!

2. Don’t Forget To Cross Promote

These days its easy to sync your blog with your other social media pages –so that when you click publish on your blog, a promotional piece is also published on your Twitter and Facebook pages java 9. But this is not always ideal.

Sometimes it’s best to do it manually, so that you can change the message every now and then. If you find a statement that works particularly well, then by all means use it repeatedly – but remember that your community will eventually start to overlook auto comments. Don’t get into the habit of letting automation do you promotion for you!

In order to run a successful social media campaign, there’s no doubt that your social media pages have to be integrated with your blog strategy. Yes!

We said blog strategy! You should research, plan and develop themes each week, and try to create fresh, new and interesting content to put your campaign ahead of the rest. Then use your social media pages to gather outside readers, generate hype or expand your readership.

Do you take your blog posts into account when planning your social media strategy?
What’s your favorite topic to discuss? Let us know!

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