Intel’s Social Media Strategy: Insights You Can Use

By on July 28, 2011

Forbes recently published an article, detailing some great tips from none other than Ekaterina Walter – Intel’s social media strategist 페이첵. So, in homage to Jess Thomas, and Ms Walter, we’re going to share those insights with you! Keep reading – this is one post you don’t want to miss Download the language pack.

Growing Your Client Base Intel Style

Walter recently attended the World Chamber Congress, where she spoke about expanding your client base through social media Beth and Vera. This is something we tend to promote a lot here – because business growth is the whole reason we have social media plans, isn’t it! Much can be said about why this one particular feature should be a dominant goal in your comically long list of social goals Download Vegas 11 Kizen.

The thing is, small-medium sized businesses see the potential of social media – but they are unable to harness its complete power. Walters comments on this as well Download Movie Keeper.

The Problem With Business Growth

As Walter rightly explains, small-medium sized businesses are caught in a catch-22 situation Download my pc Keeper 4.0. They know their business could grow rapidly with some quality social strategy, but they just don’t have the time, money or knowledge to do it. It’s difficult enough running a business, without having to become a rockstar social media marketer as well 나눔 고딕 otf 다운로드.

Social media is an ever-evolving field. Most social marketers don’t even have the time to keep up with all the new innovations, changes and shifts in the industry Download The Jay Levitt Snack Song. Many of these small-medium sized businesses will be doomed to forever walk along the ‘almost-successful’ road to business expansion. They are unaware of the enormous impact a social management company can have on their future growth Android link file.

All social media strategies are scalable, which means a small budget – in the very least – should be attainable. This should help these companies to expand over time, and eventually become large-sized businesses autoset 9 다운로드. The quickest route there is social media. The largest stumbling block is deciding to put your money where your mouth is!

Growth Through Revenue?

Walter also talks about the fact that many social marketers don’t cite increased revenue as a benefit of using social media. What’s the point if there’s no direct cash flowing in from these efforts? She puts its down to not knowing how to convert a community into revenue. And it’s still fairly rife in the field.

But there are many ways to grow as a business, that may not be directly linked to pulling in more cash from sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon – or whatever your social plan entails. Social market research alone is priceless. In the beginning there may be no financial returns, but once you’ve begun to use this info to improve your products and services – the cash tides will wash to shore.

It really is an interesting interview – and worth reading, for any small-medium sized businesses on the hunt for quality social media tips. We learnt that it doesn’t matter how small your company is – it’s the decisions you make that affect your potential future with social media. Growth is waiting – you just need to embrace it!

Do you think any business can expand with a great social media plan? Please explain your views below!

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