Help Us Nominate John Souza for Business Influencer of the Year

By on February 17, 2014

The Shorty Awards are currently accepting nominations for “Social Media Business Influencer of the Year” and we’re nominating Social Media Impact Founder and Blogger, John Souza 일요특선 다큐멘터리!

For the past five years, John has helped business professionals stay on the cutting edge of social media with his blog posts and social media training courses Touch firmware. His content has been featured by Fast Company, colleges and universities and in the bestselling book, “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need.”

You and I know that he’s awesome Download the javascript url file. So can we count on you to help us let the WORLD know?

The deadline is tomorrow, so submit your nomination today Black Panther high definition. Click the link to submit. It only takes a few seconds.

• The category is Business Influencer
• John’s Twitter username is @johnpaulsouza
• Last step, enter a reason why you would like to nominate him for the Social Media Business Influencer of the Year

Use a variation of the following reasons or create your own:

• I’ve learned so much from his training queen mp3 다운로드.
• I love his Social Media Impact blog.
• He helps me stay ahead of the curve.

Thanks in advance for your help! We appreciate all you do to continue to make Social Media Impact a tremendous success 폼페이 최후의 날!

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Ty Mays Kelty is a public relations and social media strategist and freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA. Follow her @PerfectPitchPR.

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