Latest Facebook Updates: What You Need To Know

By on September 5, 2011

Facebook has been scrambling to update itself recently, after positive reports started rolling in thick and fast about the success (almost) of Google+ Uniqlo Screensaver. Facebook users have been enjoying several new features and changes to the platform over the last couple of weeks. Today’s post – what they are, and why they’re better for your business 자수 디자인. Keep reading!

Photos Away

You may have noticed that Facebook has updated their photo sharing software, and it’s made quite a difference for snap-happy users 총성과 다이아몬드. Now, you can upload larger photos and view them at twice the speed. Better loading times also means those ‘skipped images’ won’t happen anymore Download scary bdown. With a modern white background, the photo sharing feature looks nicer, and is accessible in one click from any image thumbnail.

New Publishing Feature

The biggest change came earlier last month, when Facebook changed their posting tool on all of our walls Leon. The public outcry to make privacy and publishing options more visible and user-friendly seemed to have done the trick. Now when you post, you’ll be able to select who gets to see your update, and who doesn’t Download Planet Escape. Even better – if you change your mind later on, you don’t have to delete your post.

All you’ll need to do is click on the update and make the change Download the iRiver firmware. Facebook has also decided to become more liberal with their tagging option. Instead of only being able to tag friends or pages you like – you can tag anyone 영심이! That certainly makes sharing easier for businesses that can’t get ‘likes’ from every single person caught on camera, at a conference!

Check-Ins Get Souped Up

The Facebook team has made the excellent decision to add places to everything – not just on smartphones 아이작 애프터버스 세이브파일. Check-ins were really fun, but very limited. If you wanted to tell your friends you were somewhere great directly from Facebook – you couldn’t gta5 작업을 다운로드. Location is now available to everyone. That means you can talk about where you are, where you’re going or where you’ve just been.

This is convenient for businesses that want to let their communities know where they will be. Special events, guest appearances and promotions are enhanced with this new feature. If you’re used to checking-in from your smartphone, the feature won’t be around for much longer – so if it disappears, you know why.

No More Horrible Photos

When someone posts an inflammatory image of your business brand, or worse a photograph of you in a compromising position – Facebook has made addressing this issue simple. Now you can choose to either untag yourself, or send a message to the poster, politely requesting that they remove the image. If it comes down to it, you can also block the person, and they will no longer be able to tag you.

These are just some of the rapid changes Facebook has made, in response to the user-friendly nature of Google+. In our opinion, they’re doing the right thing. The new feature updates are great, and are improving the platform we already love. Google+ might be new, but Facebook is bouncing back!

Do you like the new changes Facebook has made recently? Tell us why you do, or why you don’t! Leave your comment here!

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