How To Launch a Recruitment Campaign on Facebook

By on August 24, 2011

Facebook is an incredible tool for finding qualified applicants, if your business is hiring. But how do you launch a recruitment campaign that will attract the right people Download HeroMoonw? The key is using all aspects of your Facebook fan page to knit together a marketing solution that will work 2019 엑셀 가계부 다운로드. Here’s how to do it!

Your Facebook Wall

The wall of your fan page is a powerful feature – it’s the place where your fan base communicates with you 오토캐드 학생용 무료. Your first step, is to draft a comprehensive write-up of the position involved, using niche related keywords. Include a direct link to your business website – where you should be advertising the position(s) Download the Japanese keyboard. Choose an interesting image to go with the job description.

Invite applicants to ask questions about the position in the comment section, and do your best to answer each of them Download Mount & Blade. Q&A updates will get you closer to finding the perfect applicant, which is why a recruitment campaign on Facebook is useful.

An Application Job App

Sometimes directing people away from your Facebook page isn’t the answer icuuc57 dll. If your company often posts jobs, then it’s an excellent idea to have a job application app created for your Facebook page. Here a job prospect can click on one of your category tabs, flick through the jobs on offer and submit their CV right then and there axios 다운로드. It’s a simple, effective way to collect potential employees.

Advertise To Attract Relevant Applicants

Posting jobs isn’t going to attract enough people to your Facebook page, so you’ll need some additional help with an ad campaign 퀸 보헤미안 랩소디. All you have to do is select the job you want to fill, and create a targeted Facebook ad about it. Instead of simply advertising ‘lots of jobs on offer,’ make it specific, so that the targeting works 이노래. Choose the age group, location and more for the best applicants possible.

You’ll want to have these adverts appear on industry related Facebook pages, where your applicants might be Download mkv player. If you’re going to run a targeted ad campaign for the position available, then don’t forget to ask interested people to share it on their Facebook walls. This will encourage the viral effect.

Use Groups and Pages For Promotion

Finally, to really get your job seen – you need to put together a list of niche related Facebook pages that you can ‘like.’ The more you like, the more CV’s you’ll receive. Draft a standard template email detailing briefly why you would like to post this job on the Facebook page owner’s wall. This might seem like a futile step, but it prevents page owners from flagging you as a spammer.

Once they agree, post your description and link, to get more applicants. If you have a substantial community, then you can use the group function to let your fans know about the new position. Simply add them to the group and invite discussion. For a viral boost, why not ask other page owners if they will publish your job in their groups? This can be very useful.

Use your personal network to advertise your positions, and promote your Facebook page on your website and other social media sites. You’ll be well on your way to launching a great recruitment campaign in no time.

How do you advertise jobs on Facebook? Share your tips with us below!

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