Link Building Strategies You Should Adopt in 2020

By on December 10, 2019

Link building practices continue to be the most effective and organic method of garnering more and more traffic to your website and take its ranking higher up on the results page, particularly from Google. Although some SEO experts use black hat methods like link farms or link buying, Google has woken up to this challenge and websites that continue to use such methods are getting punished severely 나르코스 다운로드. Some of you would also have noticed that Google ranking algorithms keep changing at frequent intervals with no notice whatsoever. But, with so many white hat link building strategies that you can adopt in 2020 and beyond, you can always stay safe from such undesirable practices. As a first step, you should focus on familiarizing yourself with healthy link building practices and insist on following only those.

To help you with the task, we have culled out some important steps that you can adopt in your link building strategies for 2020 and beyond c1pro 다운로드.

Reverse Guest Posts

Reverse guest posts have been successfully exploited by some of the leading digital marketing experts who also help clients with reputation management. Most of you do know about the effectiveness of guest posts. But, reverse guest posts is a technique that generally remains untapped even though it is a goldmine in your link building efforts Download the history of your visit. Interestingly, the process is pretty simple and you only need to invite established bloggers to publish their guest posts in YOUR blog.

This technique works like a double-edged sword since every expert blogger would be happily promoting themselves also through your blog. With great content and significant audience, this would be an easy pitch to make too. However, you should take care not to allow your guest blogger to publish topics that you have already published on your blog 2020년 달력 다운로드. Failure to pay attention to this aspect can attract penalty from search engines for keyword cannibalization.

LIS Method

This is pretty simple and only indicates that length equals strength.  The fact remains that many people are yet to understand link building in its depth. Remember those long or rather endless sales letters filling several pages? Many people focus merely on getting the links than ensuring the quality of the content which should be in-depth and hence longer.  Those long sales letters give you the impression that what is advertised is something too precious.  On the other hand, imagine a page with fewer than, say, 500 words – who would want to link to such a page.  Therefore, longer content is the way to go Download hrd-net.

Broken Links

Maybe, it comes as a surprise to you that broken links constitute an effective method among link building practices to get quality backlinks though we are stepping into 2020. Just scour the blogs from your industry and look for broken links. When you find some, email the owner of the page informing them of the presence of a broken link on their page.  Ensure that your approach is not aggressive and merely conveys your idea Download Web Leap Gothic 130. If you need help hunting these broken links, you can check out Domain Hunter which will speed up the process.  This is also another method that many digital marketers in Melbourne have used successfully.

Industry Influencers

 Mentioning industry influencers in your blog posts has helped many businesses in ranking their sites higher 코코 한글 자막. If you skim through some of the popular blog sites, you will find that many of them mention influencers. It is a human tendency to feel happy when they are praised and eventually, these people will share your content with their own audience leading to more quality backlinks to your website as well as a fresh audience. In some contexts, you may even be able to bring in many influencers into a single blog post.

Be a Prankster

Surprised how this will help your link building efforts coverity 다운로드? Well, this is one way to showcase your sense of humor and help with your site ranking goals. Depending on the type of your business you will need to come up with your own prank. So long as it does not seriously hurt anyone or get tagged as fraudulent, there is no harm pulling a fast one. Remember, you are working on more links and more visitors to your site, obviously leading to more revenue Hello Kitty Cafe. Think of all those ads that promise you a trip to Mars for making a purchase!! Humor and creativity are at the core of this exercise. If you choose this from different link building practices, you should also ensure that your reputation management does not suffer in any manner.


Speed is the essence of life in the digital world. Everyone is an apparent hurry and therefore important information should be presented in the shortest possible time 400자 원고지 다운로드. No one is keen reading through 3000 words when all the information can be capsule into simple Infographics. Infographics are not only appealing to the eyes but they also visually stimulate the reader. This is also one reason why educationists and psychologists recommend visuals as an instructional medium to garner the attention of the viewer. Infographics are also shared three times more compared to other types of content. Aren’t these adequate reasons for you to invest in colorful infographics which your audience can share.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to pursue your link building practices since it allows you to garner a wider range of audience using platforms that are potentially bigger and possibly more specific to your brand or niche. The backlinks from your guest posts will boost the SERP ranks. Ideally, guest blogging should focus on sites with a significant level of authority and type of audience that can be helpful to you. Hubspot and similar marketing blogs are built specifically to meet this need.


2020 is just around the corner and in this fast-changing world, link building practices listed above are sure to be as valuable as it ever were. While making an investment in one or more of these methods, focus on your niche and brand and stay put for the results to flow in.

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