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By on February 21, 2011

There are days – and we all have them – when the screen is a blank canvas, and you’ve run out of mind-paint. After a few months of extreme blog post creation, fresh creative thoughts become wizened – and start limping around your mind like injured birds until they keel over and die Download foreign language movies.

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Those are the days when you turn to Google for blog post inspiration java poi 다운로드. But anyone can do a quick search for that and cobble together a barely passable post of interest.

What you want is a way to really inspire yourself, when you feel a bit like a pressed flower that’s been caught between two heavy book covers 64-bit pod player. Don’t worry – we have some great ideas on where you should you look for blog inspiration!

1. Jot Down Ideas During Productive Days

Just like your less-than-creative days, you’ll have days when a hundred ideas occur to you in the space of 3 hours 러시아어 회화. Take some time to jot them down on a notepad, and keep the notepad in your desk drawer. When the gloomy days come, whip out the notepad and choose one of your great ideas from a better time Download the StarCraft campaign.

2. Keep an Experience Diary

The secret to excellent blog post creation is basing some of what you say on experiences you have in daily life Download The Hundred Days of Nangun 15. If something funny, unusual or nightmarish happens to you – write it in an ‘experience’ diary. Then when you’re putting together your next boring post, try to relate it to one of your personal experiences 앱인벤터2. It always livens up the point.

3. Read The Best Books in Your Field

Anyone can scour the web for similar blogs, but not everyone has a great library of books on your subject 피터래빗 더빙판. Collect world class texts on your field, and when you can’t think of a topic to write on – select one from a pool of ‘superior’ and uncommon knowledge Imaginary.

4. Try Soaking in The Bath

Studies say that when you’re completely out of ideas, you should take a hot bath 천년전쟁 아이기스. For some reason, the relaxed state that it puts you in kick-starts the idea machine in your head. Just keep a pen and paper handy and let the ideas flow.

5. Borrow Some Ideas From Other Blogs

If push comes to shove, then surf the web for other blogs that have tackled interesting issues close to the ones you deal with on your blog. If you can’t come up with your own, write a response to a post you find particularly interesting. That way, you get a new post by expanding on someone else’s original idea.

6. Check Your Own Archives

If you’ve run out of options, then be sure to revisit your own blog archives. Things always seem less complete in hindsight, and you might be able to expand on, continue or correct posts from the past.

So the next time you’re feeling blank and impressionable – try some of these great ways to find blog post inspiration, and keep your level of quality sky high.

How to you find inspiration for your blog posts?
Make a list and let’s see if anyone else does it!

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