How To Make Talking Head Videos For YouTube

By on May 21, 2013

Talking head videos are a very simple and easy way to stock a YouTube channel with interesting, compelling content. The questions is – how do you make a talking head video that isn’t super boring like most of them are 배틀그라운드 무료 다운로드? Today, I’m going to show you how to turn your bland videos into fun, exciting videos for your fan base.

The Talking Head Video Defined

A talking head video is the quickest way to add valuable content to your YouTube feed 랜능크. It usually costs you nothing but effort to make, and some basic editing skills. ‘Talking head’ videos are called this because they have a fixed screen position that focuses on a person’s head Download Palace Comics. You then talk on screen and use your dynamic personality to keep people entertained.

Here’s how to make your exciting talking head video for YouTube:

• Wear a uniform or film the video in a room with a presentable background Meditation mp3. You can easily create a ‘set’ for yourself with a few well-placed items or a hand-made paper background. Branding your video works well here.

• Use exciting props Download Dragon Rise. Just because the camera position is fixed, doesn’t mean you can’t bring in interesting props and extras to highlight your point. A whiteboard will help you explain something crucial, and household props are great for analogies 윈도우 톰캣.

• Add in some images to enhance emotion. Images are great to use in talking head videos as they give your viewer a break from you. Inserting an amusing image into your dialogue to illustrate a point is a technique used often on YouTube 워크래프트3 맵.

• Add extra text. Sometimes cutting away to text in point form can really bring a presentation or dialogue to life. Use text for dynamic recaps of important information, or to ensure that the viewer retains what you’ve just told them 빠샤메카드 다운로드.

• Facial expressions matter. You may not be a television presenter, but you are being viewed by random people that don’t know you java jvm 다운로드. That means you must take advantage of your facial expressions and body gestures to make what you say entertaining. Practice your on-screen presence and it will improve Download Logitech Setpoint.

• Get someone else on screen. If you are struggling to make your videos entertaining, turn your talking head video into a talking heads video, by adding another person into the mix. The back and forth can be very entertaining, and this fresh perspective may be exactly what you need.

• Be original. The best thing you can do for your channel is to find a specific and original way to present information to people. Take some time and watch at least 20 videos by 20 different YouTube talking head stars. You’ll see that they each have something special to contribute, based on style or tone.

Talking head videos may sound easy to do – but they take time, strategy and effort. Remember, it’s your goal to get these videos viewed and shared all over YouTube. That means you have to start thinking like the owner of a television station. What do people want to see, and how can you give it to them on your budget? Good luck!

What was the last brilliant talking head video you watched? Leave the link here for our community to see!

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