What Makes For Good Social Media Content?

By on February 8, 2011

There are a lot of different opinions out there on how to create great content for your social media pages. Most experts agree that your content has to be interesting, engaging and have some form of entertainment value 왓츠앱 이미지.

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Still, that tells you almost nothing about the content you need to create Download Friends Season 1 Episode 1. What makes content good, and what makes bad content? Let’s examine a few key elements.

Good content is usually valuable and worth reading. It teaches you something, or amuses you in some small way 컴퓨터에서 유튜브. It’s extremely well written, with correct spelling, grammar and syntax. Everything that you say helps you reach your end goal – to make money, build a community or foster likeability jsp ajax 파일 다운로드.

Bad content like random quotes, statements, useless updates about your dinner, rants about nothing and repetitive marketing is considered highly damaging to a social media strategy 스파인 2d. You should be living and breathing good content. Think about adding these questions into your content creation strategy.

What Relevant News and Announcements Can I Publish mysql.h 다운로드?

Was your restaurant just voted the best seafood restaurant in Miami? That’s newsworthy, publishable content. Have you just moved offices to make space for 8 more web designers 스탯 업? That’s completely relevant. Always keep in mind that your followers or community want to know what your business is up to. That means providing them with accurate, engaging and useful news 르네의 사생활 다운로드.

Do I Place Organic Keywords in Interesting Nuggets of Knowledge?

People love to learn things from authority sites, which is what you are trying to become Lightning Stone 4wd. How close do you think you’re going to get if your Twitter stream continually posts old quotes or ‘funny one-liners’ instead of golden nuggets of insider information Great New World? All social media content needs to be keyword rich so that it can be easily searched. Create informative bits of information for your community and post it on your social media pages. The rarer the info – the more people will treasure it.

Do My Personal Views Make For Great Content?

If you’re extremely knowledgeable about things in your industry, then your personal views will be highly regarded on the internet. Not only will you be able to relate to other industry professionals better, but you’ll actively demonstrate your expertise to your community. Create posts that are infused with your own personal experiences, and have an opinion about everything in your industry!

Am I Creating Controversial Statements or Linkbait Posts?

Make a plan to create and publish content that will stimulate discussion, opposition or hype, and will prompt other sites to link to it. These linkbait posts are often left out of content strategies, which is not ideal. You want people to get involved – so do what you can to ‘force’ their opinions out of them. We’re talking edgy, controversial, hot topics that you should be posting all the time.

As you build up the amount of content on each of your social media platforms, you’ll be able to track which content gets the most attention. Take note of this, and use it to your advantage to always create and publish the best social media content possible!

Is your social media content good?
How did you make it that way? Tell us!

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