How To Manage Social Media Presence Via Your Smartphone

By on July 3, 2011

Is it possible to manage your social media presence through your Smartphone? Yes! In fact, it’s becoming one of the most popular ways to keep updated on the fly 자바스크립트 pdf 파일. Now, it doesn’t matter where you are, all you have to do is take out your phone and manage your pages via integrated mobile apps.

There never seems to be enough hours in the day to properly manage your social media strategy 구글드라이브 공유 다운로드. When you learn how to do this on your Smartphone, suddenly – every spare moment you get, you can use to streamline your social campaigns to make more money 촉수로 세뇌 컴퓨터. Smartphones are a highly effective time management tool!

Social Media Management

Managing your social presence means uploading the right apps to use on your Android or iPhone BlueStack 3. Besides the obvious social apps (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc) you need a way to monitor, manage and measure your brand so that you’ll know when its time to interact, or respond to a conversation Download msxml 3.0. There are many, many different apps to choose from that will help you do this.

Step 1: Get an Integrated Mobile Dashboard

When you get a social dashboard app for your Smartphone, it allows you to see your activity across all of your main social sites 스파이더맨 홈커밍 한글자막. Seesmic and TweetDeck are the most popular, but Hootsuite is also a gem – and you can add all of your dominant feeds to it for easy viewing Crossfire. Once you have a social dashboard, you’ll be able to check-in and reply at lightning fast speeds.

You can also work on pre-scheduling new updates that publish at specific times 하백의 신부 외전. Dashboards likes these make checking-in on your pages as simple as accessing an app. They are all-in-one management tools, and will help you organize, plan, schedule and publish on the go, during your busy day 마인크래프트 탈출맵 무료 다운로드.

Step 2: Get an App For Your Blog

Monitoring and replying to comments is essential for a blog to thrive 메가파일 다운로드. Android have made this particularly simple if you have a WordPress blog, with their WordPress app. This app lets you log in, and manage your blog from your phone. Once inside, you’ll be able to do pretty much everything you can do when sitting at a PC, including creating current blog posts on topics as they happen.

Step 3: Get Apps To Monitor The Conversation

Part of creating a dominant social presence means being aware of what is said about your brand. That’s why you should set Google Alerts for your iPhone, that go straight into your email inbox. From there, you’ll be able to review what is being said about your business, and can reply accordingly. This is a crucial part of creating a positive social presence.

Step 4: Get an App That Finds Great Apps

There are so many different apps out there that could make managing your social media presence that much easier – but they can be tough to find. So, while you’re at it, upload an app that finds apps based on specific keywords that you punch in. Then you’ll be able to select and use the best of them, whenever something new comes out! Try One Juicer, for all the greatest apps in your niche.

Once you have this basic set up established, you can manage and monitor your brand from anywhere. Stick to it, and keep evolving with convenient apps, and better ways to manage your presence from your Smartphone.

How do you manage your social media presence from your Smartphone? Please leave your comment below!

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