Measurement Tools for Social Media

By on September 22, 2009

Measuring the effects of your social media presence, and finding a way to connect it to your bottom line can be tricky since so many measurements (like friends added, number of visitors to your website, etc) generally indicate how loyal fans are, rather than how much business is coming in because of it.  Here to help you make sense (haha) of it all, are a few measurement tools 33.


HootSuite has evolved from purely a Twitter management tool, to one that encompasses other social networking sites like Facebook,, and LinkedIn.  Schedule updates, track metrics, and see what others are saying about your brand Download Game of Thrones 8.


Part of the Nielsen family, Buzzmetrics will not only measure and track the health of your reputation, it will also provide analyst reports covering why and how you are winning and retaining, or losing customers, helping you to measure success Download the three-dimensional game.


Trackur is a social media monitoring tool that focuses on reputation management.  Select keywords of interest to you and Trackur goes to work scanning pages across the internet for information containing those words.  Track trends, monitor your influence, and more 폭주상인.


Ominture offers a whole range of products and services geared towards measuring and optimizing your online presence Oh my ghost 10 times downloaded.

Got a great tool you’re a fan of?  Let us know about it!

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