Mobilizing Small Businesses Through Social Media

By on June 13, 2014
U.S. Chamber push for small businesses

Small Businesses Unite to Voice Concerns

Whether leveraging for personal use or utilizing it in the growth of your business, social media allows you to share your voice with hundreds, thousands, and even millions across the globe. With time and effort, this valuable tool can easily catapult small businesses ahead of their competition and ensure that their brand is noticed.

This year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is tapping into this massive potential during its 10th Annual America’s Small Business Summit.  The organization has launched a new campaign, #IAMSmallBiz, challenging small businesses throughout the country to not only share their voice, but amplify it through the power of social media.

As part of the campaign, small businesses have been asked to share a short video using Vine or Instagram using the hashtag #IAmSmallBiz to communicate their concerns and to ask lawmakers to address them. By doing so, businesses are coming together and using the power of social media to directly impact the issues that matter to them and their stake-holders.

Uniting and mobilizing a group for a common cause isn’t always something that has been easy to do in the past. But, with the digital landscape that has evolved in today’s world, it is easier than ever before. Whether you are trying to generate exposure, drive awareness, raise support or influence key decision makers, no goal is out of reach.

It comes down to one fact: there is power in numbers. And when you look at the sheer number of people increasingly flocking to social media, the power is overwhelming. There are now over 800 million daily users on Facebook and 255 million daily users on Twitter sending 500+ tweets a day. When it comes to bringing people together and sharing a common voice via social media channels, the possibilities are truly unlimited.

Have you been following the #IAmSmallBiz hashtag? Here are a couple of examples below, what are some of your favorite video submissions?

#IAmSmallBiz 2

#IAmSmallBiz 3


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