How To Monitor/Manage Your Social Media Presence From Your Mobile Devices

By on February 28, 2011

Whether you own a Blackberry, an iPhone or an iPad – mobile devices are all the rage, for social media management that is. Business owners are not always at their computers, and yet the social media show must go on, or you’ll risk getting booed off the cyber stage Babmix.

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That’s why so many marketers are warming up to the ever evolving world of social media strategy – from a mobile device 위닝2020. How you ask? Why, from social media management programs of course. We’ll show you!

Multiple Platform Integration Applications

If you’ve heard of websites or downloadable programs that allow you to manage all of your social media accounts from one handy dashboard – then you’ve heard of multiple platform apps 인피니티 워.

These programs often have similar applications designed for mobile use, which makes them an excellent way to manage your social media strategy on the go 마구마구 다운로드.

Hootsuite – This dashboard allows you to check your Facebook and Twitter pages from one convenient app centre emeditor 다운로드. Here you can schedule updates to fire during the day, on this completely free service platform.

TweetDeck – This platform works on a host of mobile devices and you can use it to connect with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Google Buzz and Foursquare accounts 참새들의 합창. Manage all of these accounts from your phone if you have to, from one convenient easy to use dashboard.

Mobile Application Analysis and Monitoring Tools

Imagine having access to your social media monitoring tools from your mobile phone, anytime of the day 페르소나4. That’s exactly what you can do now, so that you can adjust your strategy when it happens – no matter where you are.

This means that you’ll be able to track and measure your social media strategy from your phone, or mobile device 갤럭시 s7 유심 다운로드. Even better – you’ll be able to do it in real time. Apps like this often link up with your email, so that you can get updates on your progress if there are any changes during the day or night 영화 의형제.

You’ll always know what is being said about your business, and how you can use community feedback to create a more aggressive social media campaign 화정 15회.

ICrossing – This is a social monitoring app that allows you to find out where the conversation is happening, when you type in specific search terms. The app is called the “Say What” app and will help marketers keep track of brands and campaigns online.

Alterian SM 2 – A dashboard that can be accessed by iPad, this platform is one of the most comprehensive social monitoring tools available today. It tracks social networks, blogs, video sites, photo sites, message boards, micro-blogging sites, forums and wikis. Get your latest reports on the go.

The next time someone asks you how you monitor your social media strategy from your mobile device – explain that you have applications and software programs that help you do it, in real time.

By linking all of your accounts together on a dashboard and keeping an eye on your monitoring programs – you can do everything you’d be able to do on your PC at work. Now it’s just faster, and fits in with your busy lifestyle.

What mobile apps do you use to manage and monitor your social media accounts? Let us know!

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