What To Do When Your Name Yields Negative Comments on Page 1 Search Results

By on March 15, 2011

Being someone on Google, Yahoo or MSN is becoming increasingly important, especially because people are now actively searching for who you are on the internet when they meet you ms sql 2008 r2 다운로드. This includes clients, employers, potential employers, new friends and business partners.

But what happens if one day you type in your name and an alarmingly negative comment is glaring back at you on page 1 of the search results 펜타킬. Everyone is going to see this when they try to find out who you are! Is there anything you can do? The answer is yes!

See If You Can Refute, Debunk or Dismantle The Comment

The first thing you need to do is find out what platform the comment is on, and who left it there for the world to see 은혼2. If it’s on a social network, you’ll be able to write a little something of your own underneath the comment – stating of course that it is 100% false Uniqlo Screensaver.

If the comment was posted by a disgruntled client or a competitor, explain your side of the story below. Be mature and logical in your rebuttal 자수 디자인. That way if anyone reads the negative comment, they’ll also see what you had to say about it.

If It’s Absolutely Unacceptable Contact The Platform

A lot of what is said about people these days is done on social media 총성과 다이아몬드. This is a good thing because most of the social media platforms have strict terms of use policies.

If the comment that has suddenly become a number one hit says something that is rude, crude or really nasty – report it to the platform Download scary bdown. If you bring it to their attention, they might delete it altogether, especially if it is pure slander.

Begin Your SEO Mission and Bury The Comment

If none of the above are possible, or you are still getting negative feedback from people because of that one sole comment on page 1 – drastic measures are in order Leon. Study up on search engine optimization and launch your own private reputation management campaign. Flood social media sites with positive keyword rich articles, reviews, news, comments and information – all under your name of course Download Planet Escape.

Businesses and business people do this when their reputation has been damaged on the internet. It takes a bit of time and hard work, but eventually that comment will disappear on page 30, while all of your controlled and positive posts fill in pages 1-30 instead Download the iRiver firmware.

This might seem like an extreme course of action, but it’s common in online reputation management. Your personal search results are incredibly important, and you should take it upon yourself to keep them in good condition. If it means publishing more positive content to drown out the negatives, then do it.

The returns will be worth it. Leave your name to be sullied – and you’ll have to deal with the consequences. Remember your social media image is everything these days. Deal with spammers and negative comments swiftly and without mercy. That’s the only way you’ll stay on top of your ‘search cv.’

Have you ever dealt with a really bad comment associated with your name? We want to know how you did it!

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