A New Look For Pinterest and Your Grand Page Changes

By on March 25, 2013

Pinterest’s new look is here, as the tempting ‘get it now’ button lingers at the top of all long-time user pages. Finally, the initial (and copied) board-look has been upgraded to be even simpler, cleaner and easier to use – for your fans and for your business. Today I’m taking a look at what has changed and how your business will benefit from it.

The Smashing New Pinterest Look

With Pinterest’s new look all over the net, there have been mixed reactions to the changes, as there usually are ati. Some people like the changes, others prefer the old style. But there is no doubting that Pinterest is moving in the right direction. They have made 2 key changes that will benefit your business image boards.

Change #1: The pins will be bigger!

Change #2: Clicking on a particular pin offers you ‘suggested’ or ‘related’ pins from the same board, web source or member 삼국지 와룡전.

The goal of Pinterest’s new look is to get people to stay on Pinterest for longer, hopping from one pin to another. The social media site clearly wants to decrease their bounce rate, and with a cash injection of another $200 million, they are mid-upgrade.

The Benefits of Business Pinning

Pinterest’s new look features now have these larger pins available to you – great news for photographers that always complain about the reduction in image quality and size of their photos – when using these image sites 포토샵 화살표. It’s also a nice touch that
Pinterest has added these suggested areas on the right of your page. They will:

• Introduce you to new boards
• Introduce you to new pinners
• Get you more subscribers, likes, comments and shares
• Keep your fans on your boards for longer

But how do you take this little boost from Pinterest, to really ramp up your fans and interactions on the platform? Pinterest’s new look may have given you the opportunity, but here’s how to ensure that your board members keep coming back.

#1: Mention the people that comment and interact most often – by using the @ symbol 오버워치 백그라운드. “Hey @JaneDoe, you can get these shoes at X” This will boost interaction between followers, and it promotes your products in a friendly way.

#2: Use question hashtags. Pinterest’s new look features will suggest pins to you, but it’s up to you to categorize them correctly 캐드 2015. Use thought provoking hashtags like #OneoffivethingsIlove – to initiate a conversation with your followers. They will then answer your hashtag questions and you can strike up a relationship with these people.

#3: Minimize word count problems. When you see your little thumbnail version of your pin, it needs to be legible. That means using clean fonts, less words and uncomplicated background images Download Man of Mask. If your browsing pinner can see your words, they’ll click on your image. Pinterest’s new look is also good for ‘showcase’ words – make some bigger than others, to draw in your reader.

#4: Focus on simplicity and color. It’s always been important to add striking, inspirations images to Pinterest. But now, you can leverage the suggested boards, members and pins feature by adding simple, bright images that are easy to appreciate in thumbnail view Windows 10 installfile. Quirky images, unusual images or great recipes will also work here. Pinterest’s new features make your pins thumbnails!

#5: Support your blogs with an image story. I’ve seen this done more and more in blogging – bloggers are compiling a number of images that tell the story of their blog, without words Internet. That way you can get the gist of a blog, simply by focusing on a pin. Pinterest’s new look would complement an idea like this, as they will all be shown on the right, to potential fans.

The Coming Pinterest Changes

In the future I believe that Pinterest will continue to take a closer look at interactions and the use of their service on the platform Download Drastick Pokémon. The numbers are there, but the Pinterest’s new look tells me that they are far from happy with their monetization and business proficiency.

Like any savvy networking giant, Pinterest will be looking to add more businesses to their service, along with better opportunities for retailers and online product sellers.

Pinterest’s new look is just the beginning of a long process. I believe that they have hit a wall with this one dimensional approach to social, and they’ll want to expand to keep up with the bigger sites like Twitter and Facebook 이모티콘 이미지. They will definitely be looking at better solutions for their video sharing capabilities.

A lot of people don’t realize that they can upload videos to Pinterest. With Pinterest’s new look underway, and a total site infrastructure overhaul in the works, I bet video will become a bigger part of the site, along with the income potential. If Pinterest can figure out a way to monetize videos on their site, in a less intrusive way than Youtube, they may have a shot at stealing a significant portion of the Youtube market.

Adding Your Business To Pinterest

If you haven’t secured your business page on Pinterest yet, I suggest that you do. In the future its value as an image site will grow, as will its value as a video sharing site. Both are incredibly important in this media-obsessed online business culture. Sign up as a business page to take advantage of Pinterest’s new look and features.

The company will do very well in the coming months, especially if people begin to upload Vines to the platform. The short 6 second looping videos are fast becoming a media norm.

How will the Pinterest changes affect the way you post your pins?

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