The New Rules of Facebook Affiliate Marketing [Exposed!] #Facebook

By on February 26, 2014

Facebook affiliate marketing has long been a closed niche for expert marketers that focus on gaining income by selling other people’s products. Towards the end of 2013 we saw a rebirth in affiliate marketing that had every day marketers like you using third party product sales to leverage their own products. Today we are going to discuss the new rules for 2014.

While these are not official rules, they do form the basis of a quality Facebook affiliate marketing strategy so listen up. Affiliate marketing is back, and it’s better than ever.

Rule 1: Paid Advertising MUST Be Leveraged

So you have your affiliate product that you want to market on Facebook. The first rule, is that if you are going to use paid advertising to attract traffic to your Facebook page – tie it into a logical campaign. Showcase that product on your cover photo, or create a good enough sponsored post that you can pin to the top of your page.

Around that post should be general information posts, NOT other sales posts, or they might lose you clicks. How does your page, support your CTR (click through rate?) Think about it!

Rule 2: Focus on Testing Lots and Lots of Images

Paid advertising with Facebook affiliate marketing will not work unless you have a high click through rate, which always requires a split-tested image. Start with one image of 3, test the results over a period of 2 weeks. Find the image that gets the best results.

Once you have the image, adjust it. Change the colors, the direction, the faces – test small features one by one, in order to get your ideal CTR.

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Rule 3: Go Ahead and Create a Whole Page (Then Manage It)

Sometimes branding matters, which means that if you are able to create an entire Facebook business page for your chosen affiliate product (or products) then do. But understand that Facebook affiliate marketing pages need to be maintained.

This means a lot of extra work for you, and not many small business owners can afford it. That said, if you can do it – do! The conversions you get will make it worth your while.

Rule 4: Test The Viability of a Facebook Group

No-one likes direct selling all the time, so if you focus your direct marketing on paid ads and the odd Facebook post on your page – your plan B is a highly engaging group. Groups can carry huge conversion ratios for Facebook affiliate marketers.

If I want to sell you PC’s for example, a group on community PC troubleshooting issues would go a long way on up selling and cross selling those products.

Rule 5: CPM is Tempting But CPC is The Standard

Paying per thousand impressions is great, but no serious affiliate marketer is going rely on that. It is much better to pay per click, while directly competing with your niche competition. Clicks are what matter, not transient views!

Facebook affiliate marketing is a lot easier when you, as a small business social marketer, can stick to these basic rules. Any product or service leveraged on Facebook can help fund your own product or service sales.

How do you feel about the ads on the side of Facebook? Ever click on them? Please tell me why.

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