REVEALED: The New Youtube Nightmare?

By on February 4, 2013

The new Youtube has been out long enough now for us to properly assess its success or failure.

With the huge design changes and more than one internet rant from a big blog, has Google destroyed the Youtube we all know and love? Today, I delve into the pools of opinion and reveal the truth about the redesign and decide if the new look is a youtube nightmare.

The New Youtube: Does It Drive You Nuts 가변 윤고딕 다운로드?

A while back Youtube was released with a fancy new charcoal and beige look that everyone loved, loved, loved. It seems incredible to me now that the Google design team hasn’t stuck with this natural color progression. Youtube has adopted the ugly, all white face of the Google+ network, and fans aren’t happy.

Granted, the new flash player is pretty awesome – and the dashboard has been cleaned up quite a lot Spring boot. This is most evident in the new Youtube direction – they’re focusing more on subscriptions than anything else. It’s awesome if you love to subscribe to feeds, but if you don’t it can be a little limiting.

I’ve noticed while surfing around the new Youtube that all of my searches are linked with what I’ve searched in the past (a Google change no doubt) 탱고어플. It’s nice in that I get to see people and feeds I like, but horrible when I want to discover new things. I used to use the right hand bar to watch random videos, and I can’t really do that anymore.

One of the main things that drove me NUTS about the new Youtube is that you can’t search by date anymore, by newest to oldest. Some videos are lost to me forever Download the Handsomesuit. You can still search year, month, week, day and hour – but it’s not the same.

What it means to researchers is that only contemporary searches will come up with the latest news. Older news will be buried. This is not great if you’re looking for older research. In a world of online content and increasing need for video evidence, this was bad move by the new Youtube Genuine download from Prlabs.

The older social networks get, the bigger problem this will become. They’re great for recent issues and impossible on archived content. Someone will need to change this eventually. For now, we all just have to deal with that absence.

New Functionality For The New Youtube

As a mobile app layout, it’s actually really nice – for smartphone users all over the globe 재즈 명곡. Honestly on desktop view, the old one was better. It’s like Google has sacrificed aesthetics for functionality instead of balancing out the two.

Subscribe to channels so that you can have a television-like experience – which I think is where Google is going with these new changes. They want to eventually be the leader in online TV for desktop and mobile users in the world.

This makes me concerned for a few reasons. With the drastic steps Youtube is taking to monetize, with new ad systems – will they be charging to subscribe to certain feeds soon computer wallpapers? Is this the inevitable future of online video? I certainly hope not.

The Benefits For Video Marketers

The good news is that Google is very business-orientated, so this is nothing but good news for the new Youtube and its many marketers. Youtube uses split testing to change features, to improve user experience and core analytics for video uploaders. This in turn increases subscribers, video views, ad conversions and clicks, and more 윤민수 옛사랑.

Youtube is definitely becoming more business-friendly. The shiny new user icons personalize the commenting experience, which is long overdue on such a ‘troll’ site.

Don’t get too excited about the comments however – if you’re one of those people that like to read your old comments. Good luck finding them on page, signed out, without a sort by comments thread Shalom Bible.

Still, Google has made some good additions to the new Youtube. I just can’t figure out how their ‘what to watch’ page will work. If you subscribe to lots of feeds, it becomes a total nightmarish mess. It’s like Google is telling us what we can and can’t watch. It’s that ‘NO don’t click on those videos, you like THESE ones.’ Not all algorithm prediction is good 클럽바이오.

The best new feature is the awesome side-long video line up that you see when you play videos now. These playlists keep people on the site longer, and encourage you to watch more videos, which is good for business.

The New Youtube According To Google

Google mentioned in their 30 minute video on why they made these design changes to the new Youtube, that it’s because people ‘don’t know’ about channels. This means one thing – people don’t want to use Youtube as a social network.

If they don’t use the new Youtube as a social network, Google can’t collect information from their accounts that they can use to sell them products via advertising and video suggestions. So, the new Youtube is now obsessed with subscriptions.

I’m concerned about Youtube becoming a ‘stronger’ social network, because I think it will weaken why people love to use Youtube instead of other video sites. Sure commenting is fun, but do you really care which friends have seen the same videos as you? Nope.

If Google keeps pushing for channel subscribers and people don’t comply, it could mean the end of Youtube’s rise. The new Youtube will be replaced with another site that doesn’t force people to be tracked and advertised to. Only time will tell how this goes.

Do you think Google will ruin Youtube by making it more of a social network, and less of a video viewing and sharing site?

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