Nutella! How a Hazelnut Spread Made it Big on Facebook

By on November 25, 2011

Nutella is one of the brands that has rocketed into the social sphere, with their clever marketing and outreach strategies. Clearly a wildly understated brand, before breaking into the Facebook scene, Nutella now enjoys a human fan base of over 11 million people 파라솔. How did this delicious hazelnut spread become a Facebook sensation? What can you learn from their rise to fame?

The Nutella Story

Nutella burst onto the Facebook scene a few years ago – from a surprising place Stencil. It wasn’t a crack team of Nutella marketers that launched a great Facebook page, it was a fan. One single, fan. In fact, word on the street is that Nutella itself only spent $300 000 on marketing in 2008, because the Facebook page was such a hit Download the switch pack. Mashable orterepd that this was because Nutella, was ‘just one of those cult brands people love to talk about.’

What Makes Nutella So Appealing 추적자?

There has been a lot of discussion over why Nutella made such a big impact on Facebook. The most common arguments find that it’s because they’re European, and have a huge European and US fan base 코난 데스크톱. Fans from the US love it, because they are reminded of trips to Europe, and it has that ingrained ‘cool’ factor. We’re not so sure. People are overlooking the fact that it’s spreadable hazelnut chocolate 아스트로 apk.

If there’s one thing people love its novelty. Add that to a delicious flavor, and you’re going for the gold. Nutella is a household favorite, and their fan page proves this 류망의생 다운로드. If you have a product that has the novelty of Nutella, and tastes equally as good, it will also become a social hero.

How Do Nutella Use Their Facebook Page 인기동요 300곡?

Nutella has many of the basics required to pull off a successful Facebook page, with none of the complexity that brands like Coke have chosen to use Download the Law of Creation. It has a simple welcome page, leading up to their ‘like’ button. They have an etiquette page, and a choice of different countries. Other than that, the site is pretty much dominated by conversion Download The Musical Empress. At any given time, as many as 100 000 people are talking about Nutella on Facebook.

That’s why they’ve implemented ways to spark conversion, and have invested in image based updates. Nutella posts images about their product, promoting different ways to eat the spread. With these images, they ask questions, or pose statements to their fans. “Click ‘like’ if you’re eating Nutella right now,” or “It’s called breakfast because you have to eat it fast – true of false.” These conversation starters form the crux of their page.

If you want to be more like Nutella, focus on the way you engage your fans on your wall. Use images that spark conversation, questions and open ended, or interesting statements. Most of us will never truly understand how a hazelnut chocolate spread became such a top runner on Facebook. Perhaps they don’t even understand it themselves. What we do know, is that they have the right idea.

Likability, chocolate and lots of conversation, always equals more sales.

How do you think a brand like Nutella made it big?

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