Optimizing Landing Pages and Internal SEO

By on January 4, 2018

Online conversion is a complicated and sometimes discouraging process. It requires getting people to a page where conversion is possible, which involves drawing them in some other way.

Here at Social Media Impact, we often write about the connection between social media (of course) and conversion. One way of doing such a thing is drawing people to landing pages. We’ve covered landing pages before, but in case you are not aware, they are pages separate from the rest of the website with no navigation on the page to the rest of the website. Landing pages are designed specifically for calls-to-action in rather than website traffic, and often are designed to encourage conversion. However, something we haven’t talked about as much is internal SEO – and the importance of driving conversion through your own website, as well as keeping your site properly optimized so people can find it.

Landing pages and “normal,” or navigatable, pages on your website both need optimization in order to drive conversion and traffic. We’re going to teach you a little bit of how to optimize both right now.

Optimizing Landing Pages

As previously stated, a landing page is simply a webpage that serves the purpose of driving conversion only. It is recommended that a landing page not be findable through any other page on your website and it is not even recommended that it contains the site navigation anywhere on the page itself, making it completely separate from the rest of your website.

Anyone can make a landing page, but making a landing page that works — that is, that drives conversion — is another story. It’s commonly recommended that to test the effectiveness of a landing page, make multiple landing pages and drive traffic to each of them at the same rate. This is commonly referred to as an A/B/N Test, which you can read more about here.

These A/B/N tests are so you can try out different formats for your page. Not only does this include layout, but color, wording, and pictures too. This way, you can discover what works and what doesn’t in a landing page. If you find a setup you like that is converting and want to see if you can convert more with it, you can do a multivariate test, which is an A/B test for the specific page changing little aspects such as the color of call-to-action buttons.

Internal SEO

Within a website, you should put together an internal linking strategy to show Google the value of your pages and the relationships between them. Now, as far as conversion goes, this would mean linking to certain product pages from other pages on your website, such as a blog post or an article. However, this can be overdone. They include multiple product pages with terribly spammy anchor text in their content, such as “specialized riding lawn mower with four new speed settings” or “half off premium coffee blends.” In other words, bad advertisements.

When you include these internal product page links, you want them to look natural. A short title/description of the product will work for anchor text, but it has to contextually fit into the content as well. Google has it out for spammy links, especially to product pages and the like. So be very careful so you don’t get penalized!

Yoast recently recommended you work your linking strategy out to link from the top down — that is, the most important pages on your website should be linked to the most. This is for general SEO and link building, but goes for internal as well. The most important content you have should be talked about on other parts of your website. When it comes to SEO, you need Google to treat your website like a quality site, not a quick-buck kind of thing. So have good content a part from your product pages.

Now that you know more about optimizing your landing pages and your website internally, be prepared to see some changes, like climbing up in the SERPs and more conversion! What has been your experience with these two things, and how have your actions helped or hurt you in the past? Let us know in the comments below!

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