OUTRAGE AGAIN as Instagram Sells Photos! #Quitinstagram

By on December 20, 2012

Instragram the photo editing site that can’t seem to stop hogging the headlines, is at it again. Apparently vicious rumors surfaced that Facebook-owned Instagram could now sell your photos anywhere they like. It’s a photo bonanza! Not true of course, but let’s see why this is happening and who or what may have sparked these rumors.

Instagram Is Selling Your Photos, Your Children and Your Soul Download your new resume!

Okay, so maybe not your children or soul – but the online reaction would have you believe otherwise. How DARE Instragram sell photos that are yours? Facebook has made them evil! Suddenly this ‘quit’ Instagram campaign – oops – I mean rumor was everywhere.

It began with a few well connected people wondering about Instagrams terms of service, and the wording therein Dora Remover. Then suddenly, a dam of knowledge burst on Twitter – every second person was saying ‘quit Instagram’ or ‘stop using it’ and ‘go back to Flickr.’

Some of the more entertaining #Quitinstagram Tweets:

@KJ_Bedford – How To Download Your Instagram Photos and Kill Your Account #quitinstagram

@Wunfeather – Another reason to #quitinstagram. I don’t want my insurance company to know I drive my #jetboat 47MPH in 6″ creeks!

@ChadDaniel – Well- See ya later Instagram- it was fun but the pics belong to me 클립 후커! #quitinstagram” // that’s right!!

@MetroBee – Instead of quitting Instagram, why not fill it with awful pics? Bad photography abounds, peeps, like pics of carpets, YES! #QuitInstagram

@Jfjellner – F*ck you Facebook!! You ruined instagram!! #quitinstagram

What The Terms of Service Really Says

Poor Instagram in an attempt to earn some money from its users, placed some language in their terms of service and privacy policy that indicated that they could sell users photos if they wanted to Office 2019 64-bit. Or use them in advertisements – which is really an invasion of privacy.

Imagine seeing your half naked body splashed all over the internet on an Instagram ad? There was a debacle over paying for the use of Instagram. I mean come on people – why can’t we pay a little to use a great service? The Instagram people insisted it was a mistake and they changed it immediately 슈퍼파워 2.

INSTAGRAM will never sell your photos without your consent or without compensation – in short they will never just take and use your photos!

Your personal info will be used to help them target you for ads though. But who cares? Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the entire social media world do this already Karma! You have to as a social media app or site if you want to make money and stay successful.

If you want to delete your Instagram account click here.

The Sneaky Twitter Fueled Quit Instagram Campaign

I’m not saying Instagram didn’t publish those terms of service or policy changes Download the subtitles for The Mysterious Animal Dictionary2. But I think Twitter fanned the flames – A LOT. Interestingly enough Twitter has been working on a secret photo editing app for themselves lately, and a LOT of tweeters
mentioned going back to Flickr because it’s just been revamped.

Is Twitter aligning itself or even buying Flickr? I can definitely see that match up, and the new Flickr app, many are saying it beats Instagram hands down Download Europa Universal4. It’s guerrilla marketing and every app for themselves out there.

Plus it would make sense as Flickr has lost many of their fan base to Pinterest and are going the same way as the old MySpace. A Twitter-Flickr alliance could definitely put them both back on the playing field, giving Facebook and Instagram a run for their money.

The Moral of The Story

Be suspicious when you haven’t read the terms of service yourself, or investigated news like this on your own 나의아저씨 ost 다운로드. Twitter’s terms of service and privacy policy says almost the exact same thing – but no-one is tooting on about their Twitter images. Always take online gossip with a pinch of salt, and find out the truth right here on SMMU.

For the official Instagram response click here Download the nuclear drawing.

Don’t stop using Instagram! They won’t steal your images!

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Do you think Twitter ensured the viral outbreak of this negative publicity for Instagram? Their loss is Twitter’s gain!

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