Planning To Select A Bulk SMS Service Provider? Follow These Norms First

By on October 3, 2018

Whether it is for transactional Short Message Service (SMS or “text messaging”) updates or promotional bulk SMS, you have to choose a reputable SMS vendor. The vendor will help you cover One Time Passwords (OTPs) as well. During that instance, choosing a proficient SMS vendor demands more rigorous research than a simple price comparison. The current impact of SMS campaigns depends on various factors. Some of those are uptime, delivery rate, delivery speed, compliance, scalability, support, security and campaign customized options. If that’s not enough, you have to account for multiple hidden charges and API/UP limitations, which will increase overall costs, not just directly but indirectly as well.

While it might be tempting to start saving pennies by just opting for an inferior form of bulk SMS products, always remember that sloppy SMS delivery will incur significantly higher costs in the form of lost customers, lost transactions and even worse. Therefore, it is vital for you to evaluate these factors carefully, to determine its impact on a campaign’s effectiveness. Some SMS providers will offer lower prices, which might fall short on some factors. Their low price investment will reflect a lack of SMS gateway infrastructure, product features, telecom partnerships and even customer support. You can log online at for more details. As of now, you have to evaluate certain factors when considering an SMS provider.

  • Maximize delivery for maximum returns:

With years of experiences in the field of SMS communications and SMS pushes, reputable centers will benefit from multiple operator partnerships and telecoms. This results in a fine-tuned and intelligent SMS gateway technology. Therefore, these centers guarantee the best class delivery rates with ultra-low latencies for all kinds of SMS messages. They are also fully complaint with regulations.

Local SMS providers and even resellers often connect to a single aggregator or operator via rudimentary SMS gateways. So, any form of glitch in the connection often means missed or delayed SMS, so this section matters a lot when selecting service providers.

  • Choose the one able to send SMS campaigns to attract customers:

With the help of reputable names in the market, you get the chance to create customized and powerful SMS campaigns from web UI. Whether it is associated with personalizing multiple texts through merge fields, attaching images and files, sending regional language based texts or even staggering or scheduling pushes, every task remains incredibly easy for reputable SMS providers. If you want, you can further create and even send personalized tickets, coupons and surveys through the same field.

Now, why is this service so important? You have personalized SMS campaigns, which are more effective than plain bulk SMS campaigns. Some centers will have award winning features, which can craft amazing campaigns easily and quickly, to save resources and time.

  • Make way for the ones offering authentic reports:

Only the best SMS service providers are able to offer you an authentic form of real time reports, which will help you to track the delivery status of various SMSs sent. The delivery reports of these sectors are retrieved directly from operator updates and will be certified genuine through multiple audit teams. For any kind of promotional account, they will ensure DND numbers are scrubbed and even excluded from the billing list.

From validating databases to measuring campaign reach, each point is helpful for procuring authentic delivery reports. So always be sure to keep your eyes open for fraud SMS providers offering falase reports for fake services at ridiculously lower rates.

  • Powerful form of SMS APIs for some easy integration:

The SMS APIs of some of the reliable centers will go just beyond the basic send SMS functions and will help you to fetch delivery reports. It will often work wonderfully for receiving SMS, pull results from the current surveys and mobile forms, schedule campaigns and much more. Some centers are able to offer you extensive forms of API documentation, which come in handy with sample codes widely used in various programming languages.

The powerful form of SMS APIs will matter a lot in helping you with a faster go-to market, deeper integrations and lower forms of development efforts. Always be sure to avoid local SMS providers offering limited API functions and offline documentations that might increase development cost significantly.

  • Scale up the ladder with confidence:

You should always head for an SMS service provider offering services to thousands of customers. It proves that the chosen provider is a name you can trust. Some of the reliable names may even operate in more than one country, which is another point to consider. They are already processing billions of digital touch points on a monthly scale, and would like to provide you with impressive results as well. As the SMS market is crowded with fly-by-night service providers and resellers, making the best choice is tough but not impossible. Once you have chosen a trusted and proven partner for business, your SMS communication will be flow well.

  • Modify measure and then maximize campaign effectiveness:

Some SMS service providers bring unprecedented visibility to SMS campaign based performance. For that they actually provide detailed click-through reports for any attachment or web links, as included in texts.  You have to be aware of the number of recipients opening your links, along with mobile number, characteristics of the devices and click time. So now with the best SMS service provider, you have the opportunity to track campaigns more effectively for the first time ever with the help of click-through data as an indicator of customer based engagement. It is a great way to maximize campaign returns by fine-tuning messages and campaign times through iterative A/B tests.

Keep these points in your checklist for finding the best SMS service provider for better marketing experiences.

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