Playing Social Media Ball

By on February 3, 2015

Although it didn’t break the internet, Super Bowl XLIX (that’s Super Bowl 49 for the Roman numeral-averse) broke records to become the ‘most-tweeted’ NFL-related event and American sporting event in history 윤명조 120.

The 2014 FIFA World Cup Semi-Final between Germany and Brazil continues to hold the record as the biggest sporting event in Twitter history with 35.6 million tweets 나의 짐승남 다운로드. But, Monday morning’s Super Bowl XLIX still scored an impressive second with 28.4 million tweets posted from kick-off to 30 minutes after the game, with the game saving interception pass clocking an estimated 395,000 tweets per minute Download The Mouse Rescue.

Even over at Facebook, it was estimated that about 65 million people talked about the game and that there were some 265 million NFL-related individual posts, likes, and comments 사랑이 뭐길래.

For companies spending millions of marketing dollars to get as broad an exposure as possible for their products during these games, these numbers can mean a huge turnover BUT…

…that’s only as long as they are marketed correctly 위대한 인류.

During the Super Bowl, the clear winner was #LikeAGirl by the feminine hygiene brand Always. This hashtag was still trending on Monday after the game 이웃집에 신이 산다 자막. A longer version of the same advert has been watched on YouTube over 50 million times. These are the kind of numbers companies used to only dream of.

There are also marketing misses Download the next map offline.

For example, Nationwide found out the costly way that their advert — about a boy listing down everything he couldn’t do because he had died in an accident — was just too much of a downer for a Super Bowl game ms sql 2008 r2 다운로드. Way to kill the mood, Nationwide.

It just goes to show that, much like the Super Bowl, social media marketing campaigns for the big games require a lot of careful crafting, a plan designed to win, and a highly predictive visualization of potential results 펜타킬.

If anything, it would be great to end up like Mr. Left Shark — modest costing, modest expectations that ended up generating a bigger buzz than Katy Perry’s performance even after the games 은혼2. But we can’t all be that lucky. Sometimes, a plan with high stakes and high expectations can end up, as it did, as the “worst play call in Super Bowl history.”

Such is the nature of the Super Bowl games. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. BUT what matters more, as it does in social media marketing, is how much you learn from every game and how much you play to win. Every. Time.

So, let’s play ball!



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