Practical Ways To Earn on Pinterest

By on January 21, 2013

To earn on Pinterest is a company’s main goal, whether you’re a service based business or a product based business, looking to make high volume sales. Whatever your goals, there is no doubt that Pinterest offers your company a unique opportunity. Today I’m going to provide you with a superb list of 49.9 practical ways to earn on pinterest 발디의 수학교실 이지모드 다운로드!

  • #1: Connect your Pinterest account with your Facebook account for increased sharing.
  • #2: Earn on Pinterest by posting work-related before and after images.
  • #3: If you’re trying to sell a product, list a benefit in the description area.
  • #4: Pin product images that contain people in them to inspire sharing and comments 히브리어 성경 mp3.
  • #5: Create infographics that showcase your top services and enhance your profile.
  • #6: Post your ebook images and then use your Clickbank affiliate link to earn on Pinterest.
  • #7: Make your pinboards diverse by including other people’s products on your pages.
  • #8: Create instructographics that take your followers through making something step by step 아이콘 리듬타.
  • #9: Always add in an interesting description or comment with your image.
  • #10: Speak about Pinterest for business when meeting with clients and customers.
  • #11: Launch a viral Pinterest contest to boost visibility and earn money on Pinterest.
  • #12: Use Pinterest as a market research tool, ask your audience the tough questions Download wedding dating!
  • #13: To earn on Pinterest follow as many relevant people as you can, to improve your network.
  • #14: Upload unique ebook images of your own and get more traffic to your sales pages.
  • #15: Spend time sharing other people’s images to gain more followers.
  • #16: Use Pinterest to get more people to like your Twitter page and marketing tactics 노사연 바램 mp3 다운로드.
  • #17: Place your Pinterest address on a business card, stationary and on signage.
  • #18: Create images that women will want to share with other women.
  • #19: Always use a category hashtag or two to describe your image for extra sharing.
  • #20: Earn on Pinterest by integrating SEO keywords into your profile text 콜오브듀티 블랙옵스4.
  • #21: Source images that complement your product images, to earn on Pinterest.
  • #22: Create pins that say something about the person that is going to repin them.
  • #23: Build an adsense site and then funnel traffic from Pinterest to the site.
  • #24: Spend time commenting on other people’s images to gain more exposure Download mvp2005.
  • #25: Add your Ebay images to your Pinterest account to get more traffic there.
  • #26: Pinterest marketing is all about images, so invest in a really good camera.
  • #27: Earn on Pinterest by increasing your blog traffic and ad stats from referral traffic Download the test disc.
  • #28: Track your links using TinyURL and measure the click through rate on your images!
  • #29: Improve your blog sign up ratios by funneling traffic to your sign up page.
  • #30: Spend some time in post-processing and put filters on your images for extra beauty.
  • #31: The best recorded time to pin is between 2pm-4pm EST 뻐끔플라워 다운로드.
  • #32: Be innovative with your pinboard names, like ‘what I love about brand x.’
  • #33: The best time to post at night is between 8pm-1am EST.
  • #34: Include calls to action in your pins, and enjoy an 80% increase in engagement.
  • #35: Invite your followers to add to your product pinboards with their own images 리버 와일드 다운로드.
  • #36: DIY and tutorial pins enjoy a 42% higher click through rate than other pins.
  • #37: To earn on Pinterest add your Amazon images to your page for extra traffic there.
  • #38: Always relate your pins to trending topics, for a 94% boost in click through ratios.
  • #39: The more boards you have, the more time people will spend on your profile.
  • #40: If you’re going to earn on Pinterest, you’ll need to post there at least once a day.
  • #41: Marketing on Pinterest is about inspiring messages, make sure your company has many.
  • #42: Follow real people to earn on Pinterest, or people with 200-300 followers.
  • #43: Create a pinboard of happy clients or testimonial pins.
  • #44: Make your pinboards very specific so that people can find what they’re looking for.
  • #45: Improve your link juice to your websites by including them in your pins.
  • #46: Avoid repining products or services from bots, spammers and other marketers.
  • #47: Earn on Pinterest by including category names in your pinboard titles.
  • #48: Don’t have more than one account or you could be seen as a spammer.
  • #49: Keep your pins free of advertising, but use hashtags, Twitter handles and nicknames.
  • #49.9: Invest money into your Pinterest account – the more you post and share the better!

Use these 49.9 excellent tips to earn money on Pinterest for your company. It’s great as a platform to sell products, or to get exposure for your non-profit organization.

Do you have a tip? Leave a Pinterest tip for your fellow SMMU fans? I’m sure we missed out on some of them!

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